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Gambler’s Choice


#160 Brittany Kasprack on Gaesbekers Gabbertje. They led with 1050 points until… Anna Marie Mayes and Balou Bailando took the course. They finished in 2nd place.

#390 Enzo Ferrari, Cristiana Caruso rider; sported a hand of cards on his rump; 7th place

#124 Cambro, Megan Odwyer Thiel rider; 9th place

#122 Halloodan, Ava Lindley rider (3rd place)

#161 Balou Bailando, Anna Marie Mayes o/r WINNER with 1300 points

#161 Balou Bailando, Anna Marie Mayes o/r WINNER with 1300 points

#161 Balou Bailando, Anna Marie Mayes o/r WINNER with 1300 points

#243 Currabawn Daisy, Leah Curtiss (6th place)

#109 C’est Lumpi, Katana Kennedy O’Brien (8th place)

#103 TJC’s Lil Jon and rider Evie Jaeckle parted company after the horse hit the rails of the jump.

trophy presented to Anna Marie Mayes & Balou Bailando by the Walker family & Michael Tokaruk, trainer
Photos by Nancy Brannon

The Gambler’s Choice is one of the exciting jumper classes because the riders get to “take their own line.” Each jump cleared is worth a particular number of points and the goal is to accumulate as many pints as possible within the designated time frame. It was a favorite class of the late Harold Walker, former GCHS President and exhibitor, and is now sponsored by his family. The bronze trophy was created by artist Andrea Lugar especially for this class.

The first to accumulate over 1,000 points was Brittany Kasprack on Gaesbekers Gabbertje, piling up 1050 points. She kept her lead until Anna Marie Mays entered the arena. She and Balou Bailando racked up 1300 points to put Brittany in second place. And those remained the final placings.

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