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The Family of Sonny Foster Scurry Races


#385 Sammy, Ken Daniels (64.328) - Photos by Nancy Brannon

#75 KT Barnabus, Laura Lawson (73.166) - Photos by Nancy Brannon

#60 Bobby Cash, Taylor Thomas - Photos by Nancy Brannon

#373 Cherries Jubilee, Nancy Degan - Photos by Tom Brannon
On Friday evening (June 11, 2021) at the Germantown Charity Horse Show, after the formality of the Pony Hunter Classic and the Germantown Hunter Classic, the pace and discipline changed to the Carriage Scurry Races. With separate horse and pony sections, there were more prizes and ribbons to be earned in this fast-paced, precision driving event.

Winners in the Horse division were:
 1st KT Barnabus, Laura Lawson driving
2nd Bobby Cash, Taylor Thomas driving
3rd Sammy, Ken Daniels driving, with Chrissy Daniels

Winners in the Pony division were:
1st Rollingwoods Berry Last One, Joanna Wilburn driving
2nd Tinker Toy (Tiny), Natalie Hanisco driving
3rd Cherries Jubilee, Nancy Degan driving
4th Dungarvan Flirtini, Nancy Lenaerts driving
5th Rollingwoods Walk Softly, Alex Clark driving with Dr. Ruth Wilburn

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