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Versatility Challenge


#190 LaCoste, Mary Mielenz rider (Shanna Beyer owner)

#300 Cool Cash, Lauren Crawford rider (Molly McAdow owner) Jumper round

#380 Charlie Chaplin, Chance Williams (9th)

#162 Darco 22 Michael Tokaruk (7th)

#159 Irmko-S, Ava Hernandez (11th)

#389 RMF Iceman, Cristiana Caruso (3rd)

#223 Quinito, Abigail Arnold (6th)

#297 Cumano Boy Z, Ainsley Wade (4th)

#109 C’est Lumpi, Katana Kennedy O’Brien (winner)

#109 C’est Lumpi, Katana Kennedy O’Brien (winner)

#108 Casino, Giselle Grench (2nd)
Photos by Nancy Brannon

The Versatility Challenge is a unique class at the Germantown Charity Horse Show (GCHS). The class tests the ability of a horse to perform as well in the hunter ring as in the jumper ring. Horses in this class first ride a classic hunter style round, and then the jumps are reset for the top twelve horses from the first round to ride a jumper-style speed course.  The winning horse (and rider) receives the Keepsake Perpetual Trophy, named after a 1990 Dutch Warmblood mare named Keepsake. In her show career, she was a frequent winner in the Regular Working Hunter division. She moved up to the jumper ring, where she was equally successful. In fact, she could carry her amateur rider on a winning round in the hunter ring on the same day that she could win a 3’6” jumper class in the Pre-Adult division.

The Versatility Challenge was on the first night (Tuesday June 8, 2021) of the GCHS, when it had rained most of the day. The hunter round was ridden in the mud, but the rain started steadily falling for the jumper round. The second horse to go, Jus D’O had had enough of the rain and mud, made a tremendous buck followed by a crow hop that would make any saddle bronc proud, and dumped rider Jen Hauser in the mud. She was unhurt and the horse played hard-to-get in the arena, but her coat would definitely need cleaning.

This year’s Keepsake Trophy winner was C’est Lumpi ridden by Katana Kennedy O’Brien. Giselle Grench and Casino were reserve.

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