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MTPC Horse Trials


Sydney Ayres riding Pucon

Kai Walker riding Qibli’s Quest

Ava Wood riding RSF Sophia

Heidi Olson riding Challenger’s Chief

Claire Ramage riding Fitzwilliam Darcy

Rosemary Milek riding Oakfields Ennis

Ashley Knight riding Springsteen
Photos by Maya Goldfarb

Middle Tennessee Pony Club hosted its annual USEF Horse Trials at Percy Warner Park in Nashville, Tenn. on Saturday October 2, 2021. The Horse Trials offered Training, Novice, and Beginner Novice, as well as Starter divisions, and attracted 73 entries for the fall horse trials.

Peppy Butler was organizer of the event and had great praise for all the volunteers who helped make it possible. She wrote:

“We ran the 67th annual Middle Tennessee Pony Club Horse Trials on October 2, 2021 at the beautiful Percy Warner Park in Nashville, Tenn. The weather was perfect! This year felt a little different because we held it as a one-day format.

“One of the biggest challenges of organizing and running horse trials is having enough volunteers.  Believe it or not, it takes us 35- 40 volunteers to run the horse trials and have all the bases covered.  This year, we had all the spots filled and a few “floaters” able to relieve volunteers when they needed a break to go watch their child or friends ride. Please give a shout out to all the wonderful volunteers that make all of our equine events possible!”

Maya Goldfarb was the official photographer and you can see more of her photos of the event at: 


Open Training (10 entries) winner was Sydney Ayres riding Pucon; score 30.9: Dressage 28.9; CC 2 time penalties. The pair also won the Training Level Thoroughbred Incentive Program.

Open Novice (20 entries) winner was Chelsea Sawtell riding Covenant; score 24.5 (Dressage score with no other penalties)

Claire Ramage riding Fitzwilliam Darcy won the Novice Level Thoroughbred Incentive Program on just their Dressage score 32.6, no other penalties.

Beginner Novice A (16 entries) winner was Kim Clark riding Mimi’s Musical; score 22.3 (Dressage score with no other penalties)

Beginner Novice B (11 entries) winner was Sofie Rhodes riding Fly High Harvey; score 35.9; Dressage 35.5; Show Jumping 0.4 time penalties.

Christian Love riding Philemon Dream won the Beginner Novice Thoroughbred Incentive Program; (Dressage 27.5; 4 show jumping penalties; 3.2 CC time penalties; final score 34.7). Jeri Bechard was second in the BNovice TIP with Touch N Go (Dressage 37.8, no other penalties).

Starter A division (6 entries) winner was Anne Dottore riding Admiralty; score 34.0 (dressage score with no other penalties)

Starter B division (10 entries) winner was Olivia Trotter riding Corner Oak Loch Lorian; score 39.3 (dressage score only with no other penalties)

Jessica Dees riding Night Vale’s Very Own won the Starter Level Thoroughbred Incentive Program (Dressage score 36.3, no other penalties).

Find full results at Start Box Scoring:
Photo cutlines:
Image0.jpg: Sydney Ayres riding Pucon
Image1.jpg: Kai Walker riding Qibli’s Quest
Image2.jpg: Ava Wood riding RSF Sophia
Image3.jpg: Heidi Olson riding Challenger’s Chief
Image4.jpg: Claire Ramage riding Fitzwilliam Darcy
Image5.jpg: Rosemary Milek riding Oakfields Ennis
Image6.jpg: Ashley Knight riding Springsteen

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