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Black Stallion Reading Project


Editor’s Note: Here’s a reading project in Florida that could be inspiration for a reading project at your child’s school.

The Ocala Horse Alliance, via their Black Stallion Reading Project (BSRP), has delivered the first set of thirteen library books on horses to 26 Marion County, Florida elementary schools. Each elementary school will receive a set of reference and reading books relating to horses each year of the five-year project. 

All books have the name of the BSRP Farm Partner in the inside cover. The books, selected specifically for the fourth-grade level, include reference books on various breeds and disciplines, as well as pleasure reading books.
The books selected for year one of the project:

All About Horses, American Quarter Horses, American Pharoah Triple Crown, Little Squire, The Black Stallion Returns, The Son of Black Stallion 

And a set of seven breed reference books:

Appaloosas, Arabians, Clydesdales, Mustangs, Przewalskis Horses, Shetland Ponies, and Thoroughbreds
The Black Stallion Reading Project is a five-year core program of the Ocala Horse Alliance which is designed to promote reading, as well as an understanding and introduction to horses, equestrian sport and careers in the horse industry.  The in-classroom curriculum of the BSRP was specifically designed to meet Florida’s Educational Standards.

Each year, each student receives a copy of The Black Stallion to keep as well as a BSRP bookmark with QR coding.  Each teacher receives a curriculum guide and a set of horseshoes from real horses in Marion County to be used as incentives for students. In additional to the set of library books, each elementary school receives a tack box on wheels which contains items discussed in the book such as a curry comb, a halter, hay, sweet feed, and a set of laminated picture cards detailing subjects mentioned in the book such as grooming, tacking up, and stable terms. The set also has information on various disciplines and activities in equestrian sport.    

New elements for the BSRP 2021-2022 school year include a BSRP Brag Tag Program to be done in partnership with area horse shows and a set of videos for classrooms on careers in the horse industry such as veterinarian, vet tech, farrier, event manager and farm manager.  Additional career videos will be added to the collection each year.

For additional information on The Black Stallion Reading Project, BSRP Farm Partnership opportunities or questions:

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