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Lucky Dog Barrel Race


Article & photos by Nancy Brannon

Christy Lewis and her crew brought their huge semi trailer to the Show Place Arena, Memphis, TN, for the Lucky Dog 2021 series finale on December 3-5, 2021. The show was a Better Barrel Races double points/ double qualifier and an RFD TV The American qualifier. The show drew a huge crowd, all vying for year-end awards. Christy said they drew “about as many as we can pack in here.” The show attracted 532 contestants from 16 states across the mid-south/mid-west.

Competition began on Friday with the $2,000 added Open 4D. Saturday’s races started with $100 added Peewee 3D, followed by the $2,500 added Open 4D. At 9:30 p.m., entries in The American Qualifier ran. For an extra fee, competitors also had the option of entering the $3,000 added Pack 5D sidepot, the $1,500 added BBR X-tra 5D sidepot, and the $5,000 Select Stallion Stakes. The $100 added Pony 3D was first on Sunday, followed again by the $2,500 added Open 4D. The $3,000 added Pack 5D sidepot was also an option on Sunday. Additional daily sidepots were Youth, Adult, Senior 4D and the 2022 Futurity & Derby. Total added money was $18,700 for the weekend.

Open Average winner, Running with the Pack Average winner, and Buckle winner for the weekend was Bailey Belcher of Brooks, KY on Picket Coin Five with times of 14.520 and 14.479.

Friday Youth Sidepot winner: Madison Shelton of Fayetteville, TN on Royal French Jet (14.643).
Friday Adult Sidepot winner: Suzanne Brooks of Seminole, OK on Famous Home Girl (14.430).
Friday Senior Sidepot winner: Kelly Tovar of Rockdale, TX on Tres Socks (14.528).
Friday Futurity Sidepot winner: Lacey Simmons of Killen, AL on Blazin A Famous Lane (15.178).
Friday Derby Sidepot winner: Suzanne Brooks of Seminole, OK on Famous Home Girl (14.430); $400
Saturday’s PeeWee winner was Mallie Gordon of Water Valley, MS on Short Go (15.458). Total Payoff was $1,080.
With 736 entries in Saturday’s Open 4D, it was Bailey Belcher from Brooks, KY and Pocket Coin Five who had the fastest time of the day (14.520) for the win, taking home $2,107.
Saturday Youth Sidepot winner: Graysun Tice of Crossett, AR on Kan Perk Three (14.753).
Saturday Adult Sidepot winner: Bailey Belcher and Pocket Coin Five (14.520).
Saturday Senior Sidepot winner: Jennifer Barron of Trenton, TN on Air Born Crush (14.705).
Saturday Futurity winner: Kyle Brueggeman of Hazel, KY on Heavenly Firebug (14.825).
Saturday Derby winner: Lindsey Netterville of Woodville, MS on Heaven Help Me Fly (14.621).
Saturday Pack Sidepot and BBR X-tra sidepot winner: Bailey Belcher and Pocket Coin Five (14.520).
Saturday The American Qualifier: Bailey Belcher and Pocket Coin Five (14.520).
Sunday Pony 1D winner: Mallie Gordon and Short Go (15.128).
Sunday’s Open 4D drew 620 entries, with Allis Maxwell of Milan, TN and Streaking Nightmare running the fastest time: 14.413 to take home $1802.50. Bailey Belcher and Pocket Coin Five were second with a time of 14.479.
Sunday Youth Sidepot winner: Allie Maxwell and Streaking Nightmare (14.413).
Sunday Adult Sidepot winner: Bailey Belcher and Pocket Coin Five (14.479).
Sunday Senior Sidepot winner: Jennifer Dunn of Lebanon, TN and Pocos Revenge (14.716).
Sunday Futurity winner: Jessie Gonterman of Sonora, KY  on GT Drippin Finessee (15.055).
Sunday Derby winner: Kristen Roby of Baton Rouge, LA on JL Little Wag (14.661).
Sunday Pack Sidepot winner: Allie Maxwell and Streaking Nightmare (14.413).

The Memphis Series Finale 5 Star Fast Time Champions were Allie Maxwell and Streaking Nightmare.

When not running the barrels, competitors and spectators had the opportunity to shop several vendors parked along the entrance way offering Lucky Dog clothing, jewelry and accessories, OE nutraceuticals, and a large tack shop from JHA Saddlery.

Find full results and more information about the show at: and on facebook.

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