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Muck Boots


Product Review by Tom Brannon

In February 2020 I received a pair of Edgewater Classic Muck Boots and started using them right away. Two years of daily use on the farm is a great way to test the durability and usability of many farm products, and the Edgewater Classic Muck Boot is no exception.  Other rubber and composite boots that I have worn doing farm chores have had to be replaced each year because they would split and leak, or the insides would crumble and disintegrate. These Muck Boots have lasted two years with the insulation and lining staying intact. There is material separation, however, at the ankle where the lower foot portion is attached to the leg portion. This makes the, otherwise, waterproof boot leak in deep water and thus needing replacement. Keep in mind, these work boots have been used daily to clean the stalls and pasture shelters, as well as other farm chores. That is, approximately 2,100 muckings, 1,200 groomings, 780 tractor drives and mowing, 50 garden weedings, tillings and other gardening chores,  30 tree trimmings, 20 trail and driveway repairs, 15 gate and fence repairs, 10 barn repairs and an occasional bareback ride.

When the opportunity to replace them with another pair arose, I was delighted. The Mid-South Horse Review was shipped a pair to test, and I put them to use right away. Weighing in at about 3 ½ pounds they are a considerably heavier than some of their competitors, such as Tingley® ultralight boots, but are fully lined for warmth in winter and are comfortable enough to wear outdoors all day. They have good traction walking through pastures and in the mud and are not so bulky that they hamper operating a tractor or driving a truck. They are, however, too bulky to fit in stirrups. They fit snug enough so they won’t slip off while riding bareback, but can still be removed without the necessity of a boot jack. The lower waterproof portion can be cleaned using a water hose or bucket, but the upper breathable top will hold water if it gets wet and will take a day to dry out.

The original Muck Boot Company™ Edgewater Classic boot is a lined waterproof boot which comes calf length to knee high. The waterproof rubber comes up to the ankle and the uppers are of a flexible, breathable material. The tops can be turned down if needed to make cuffs, and the inside of the boot is lined in either blaze orange or high visibility yellow or green so the cuffs can be easily seen. This is a safety feature that could come in handy when wearing them during hunting season or walking at night.

MSRP on the company website $140; made in China.

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