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Hillsboro Hounds Youth Day 2022


Field Master Elese Alsup, Hillsboro Junior Caroline Anthony with guests from Cedar Hills Pony Club

Fiona King, Hillsboro Junior, Rosie Voigt, Field Master Dana Burke

the field watering the hounds before heading to the trailers

younger non-riding children enjoying the coloring station at lunch
By Virginia Voigt 

For the last eight years, the Hillsboro Hounds have reserved the first Saturday in March as the annual Youth Day, devoted to educating and supporting juniors in the hunt field. From local Pony Clubs to 4-H clubs, to lesson barns, to family members, everyone is invited. Children have open invitations with the Hillsboro Hounds during the season, but this day is committed to explaining the sport to newcomers and educating children on how to participate in this sport, and carry it on in the future.

Foxhunting can be enjoyed in many ways. There are people who love horses and riding, others who love dogs or enjoy hunting, and folks who simply love the land and its wide-open spaces – all crucial elements to the sport of foxhunting.
This year boasted a field of 52 riders including 14 children on their respective horses and ponies. Over 65 additional friends and guests from the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee came to learn and have fun, enjoying various activities for children of all ages. A delicious lunch was provided by TenneeSweet Food Co.

The time-honored tradition of crowning a dedicated husband/father of Hillsboro Hounds to become the year’s “stick horse hunt quarry” was a highlight of the day. The brigade of “former foxes” chose their unsuspecting new participant during lunch. Happily, the new “fox” put on quite a delightful chase for the children, only to remark at their unexpected speed and swift footedness once he was caught!  

As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Hillsboro Hounds provides that type of community where everyone joyfully gathers in an atmosphere of tradition, promotion, and conservation.

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