The Most Influential Equestrians in the US


Nominations open until April 5, 2024

Eligibility Requirements 

The Horse Review's Most Influential Equestrians in the US is designed to honor equestrian athletes, professionals, advocates, and educators who are enhancing our equestrian community, sport and industry. These individuals are role models to others in the sport and are advocates for the health, safety, and evolution of the equestrian industry and its horses.  

These are traits we seek from the 100 Most Influential Equestrians: 

  • They act with intentional behaviors. They work, train, compete, advocate, and walk through life with a dedicated purpose and put actions behind that purpose. They are direct and make their intentions known with clear objectives and goals. 
  • They speak thoughtfully and they listen. Influential people do not gossip or engage in unfound attacks on others. They seek to rise above and create clear and are effective at communicating their ideas. 
  • They take action. They are not afraid to take risks or make decisions. They do not allow themselves to be stuck or paralyzed. 
  • They always seek education and desire to always learn. Influential leaders are always learning and deeply desire to grow personally and professionally. 
  • They have integrity. Influential leaders seek honesty above all else. They are authentic at their core and are consistently trustworthy. 
  • They connect. They are not afraid to network with others in their industry and seek to collaborate to make authentic connections with others within the sport and industry. They recognize there is strength in numbers. 
  • They focus on what really matters. They do not let themselves fall victim to trivial matters or competitions. They are not in the sport to win every competition. They are in the sport to grow and develop and help others feel a part of something bigger and larger than themselves. 

If you know an influential person who displays these qualities please nominate the now. Nominations are open until April 5, 2024. The Power 100 Most Influential Equestrians in our sport will be recognized in the July 2024 Special Issue. 


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