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Jennifer Goodwin Enjoys Endurance by Kevin DeBusk Jennifer Goodwin, of Wayne County, Tennessee, is following in family footsteps competing in endurance racing. On March 24 she traveled to Memphis, Tennessee for the City Slickers Endurance Ride. "My grandfather did it quite a bit," she said. "He would do fifty milers and my aunt would do hundred milers. I would go with my grandfather and cool his horse down when he finished. I was to little at the time to go with him on the ride. "I decided that they were a lot of fun and I started endurance riding. It teaches me to be more in tune with my horse. It also teaches me how to take his heart rate and work with him. It's natural and I love riding." Taking heart rate and other vital signs are useful in passing P&R. Endurance races require riders to stop at checkpoints known as P&R for their horses to rest and be vet checked. At this point horses can be disqualified from the competition if the vet judges them to be unsound or metabolically unfit. P&R in Memphis required riders to have slowed their horses heart rates down to sixty before entering the vet check. "You have to ride your horse a lot different than you would a show," Jennifer commented. "You have to ride them at least six days a week. During the week you have to ride them the distance of the ride. You have to feed them a little differently. It's a totally different attitude with them." Being a student at Middle Tennessee State University Jennifer has to work hard structuring here time. "You have to make time to ride because lots of times there isn't time," she reported. "When my studying gets to much I quit for a while and go ride." Endurance riding requires conditioning of both horse and rider. "It's a lot more physical," she said. "I run every day so I'm ready for him. I also ride everyday and that gets me condition more." Currently, Jennifer is competing in twenty-five mile events. "Finishing is winning according to the endurance people," she said. "Last time I finished and I was very happy."

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