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Stallion Breeding Reports Increase With a rising number in stallion breeding reports reordered, the American Quarter Horse Association is likely to remain the largest single breed equine association in the world. In 2000, AQHA's Registration Department processed 35,243 stallion breeding reports with 220,785 mares listed as currently being bred. This brings the average number of mares bred per stallion to 6.3. The number of stallion breeding reports increased by 2,135 over 1999 breeding reports. AQHA registration numbers have suppressed four million. A special registration ceremony where the official fourth millionth American quarter Horse will be registered is scheduled for April 4. "The Internet can be attributed to more than 1,800 stallion breeding reports (SBR) being submitted," said Gary Griffith, AQHA Executive Director of Registration. "In 2000, AQHA debuted SBRs on the website, making it convenient for Members to submit the necessary paperwork at their leisure." Griffith also said the comparison of 2000 registrations based on the number of mares bred in 1999 indicates AQHA registered 71.4 percent of those breedings. "If AQHA can continue this trend for the 2000 breeding season for the 2001 foals, we can expect to register 157,000 foals by the end of 2001," Griffith said. For more information on stallion breeding reports, contact AQHA at (806) 376-4811 or visit AQHA's website at].

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