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Tennessee Horse FairA Successful Presentation By The Future Of SSHBEA Industry The Tennessee Horse Fair in Murfreesboro proved to be another fine opportunity for the Spotted Saddle Horses to show off the beauty and versatility all spotted owners have come to adore. On March 23 and 24, the Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association demonstrated to the applauding crowds just how talented and beautiful the Spotted Saddle Horses really are. The SSHBEA promotional committee decided that children and Spotted Saddle Horses make the perfect combination for promoting the breed. With that in mind, four World Champion riders and their horses were chosen to represent SSHBEA at the Tennessee Horse Fair in Murfreesboro. Each represented a different aspect of the breed's versatility. Coming all the way from Tuscaloosa, Alabama was the gorgeous mahogany bay and white stallion HY-TONE DANCER. DANCER is the 1999 SSHBEA World Grand Champion and the 2000 Juvenile 12-17 Open Shod World Champion. DANCER'S accomplishments are numerous and owner Jeremy Price showed the adoring crowd just why DANCER holds so many world championship titles. DANCER performed his gaits flawlessly under Jeremy's direction. A petite West Tennessee cowgirl joined in the representation for SSHBEA in promoting the Sport Horse Division of the industry. Samantha Mohon of Covington, Tennessee proved to the crowd that not only is the Spotted Saddle Horse very smooth in its gaits but can also "turn and burn" for the best of cowgirls. Eight time World Champion Sport Horse MY LADY FALINE and Samantha used the turn and burn event to show off the speed, agility, and jumping ability the Spottted Saddle Horses possess. Adding another dimension to the demonstration was the 11 and under Trail Pleasure World Champion ALEN'S SUNBEAM with young Tyler Sapp of Pikeville, tennessee at the reins. Tyler and SUNBEAM did a magnificent job of showing the crowd the easy-going, manageable gaits the spotted Saddle Horse has. Tyler and his striking bay and white gelding were definitely a pleasing package for the admiring horse lovers. Rounding out the demonstration was the dazzling black and white World Champion Juvenile Model Mare HY-TONE DAZZLE and her owner Jordan Shields. Jordan displayed DAZZLE'S beauty under halter then saddled her to perform a reining pattern for the audiences. The crowds loved the presentation of the Spotted Saddle Horses by young riders, but that part of the weekend activities was the icing on the cake for the young riders. The real work was Friday when Jeremy, Samantha, Tyler and Jordan spent the day under the direction and watchful eye of Freda Bullard. Freda and the kids transformed the barn area from drab to a glowing fantasy. Keeping in mind the Tennessee Horse Fairs theme "2001-An Equine Odyssey," stalls were transformed into "show planets" for each of the horses and the breezeway was turned into a galaxy walkway. Completing the atmosphere were little white lights, spacy wallpaper border, lava lamps, a rocket ship and large spotted horse planters. The young decorators were extremely proud of their hard work when the SSHBEA stalls were awarded the Best In Theme winners. The inside booth was operated all weekend by Youth Council President Ashley Gannon, her mother Cindy, and little brother Taylor. This booth stayed busy with questions from the passing crowds concerning upcoming events, registration, and membership information. The fun-loving Amber Porter joined the booth gang on Sunday to help with the questions. Each of the young riders would like to thank the promotional committee for putting such trust in their abilities to represent the breed and the entire SSHBEA organization. Summing up the Tennessee Horse Fair in the words of the young participants--A HUGE SUCCESS!!!!

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