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Breeding The Modern American Warmblood Sport Horse In 1975 the German Warmblood Associations declared that breeding should be "aimed at producing a noble large framed and correct horse with dynamic spacious and elastic movement well suited to any riding purpose because of its temperament, its character and its ability to provide an easy ride." The European Warmbloods (Holsteiner, Hanoverian, Trakehner, etc.) have dominated the showing jumping and dressage arenas for sometime now, due to their selective breeding process, which has produced the top sport horse in the world. As Americans we have been trying to chase the German breeding ideas for a while now. Importing what was available to purchase, trying to form Warmblood breeding programs identical to the German's, shipping semen overseas from there available stallions, and paying top dollar for it all. However, producing the same ideal horses as mentioned by the German Warmblood Associations, doesn't require the huge investment that has been spent. Following a breeding program structured the same as the Europena breeders have been doing for years, we can produce an affordable American Warmblood version that will excel in any arena. Today's modern American Percheron horse has longer legs, more prominent withers, a longer shoulder length, and more angle at the stifle area than his founding ancestors in France. They have also been selectively bred to have larger height (standing an average of 17+ hands), cleaner throatlatches, longer necks and larger movement. All achieved through selective breeding, and knowledge. The modern Peervheron horse has not only been an agricultural breakthrough, but has proven to be an agile riding horse, not just in the dressage arena, but also out on the hunt course. The Arab influence in the foundation stock is to credit for the Percherons' agility, thusly giving the Percheron an advantage over other draft breeds. There temperaments in general, are very calm, and make them ideal for riders at any level. They are also very affordable to the average equestrian budget. Through history, infusion of thoroughbred blood has proven to refine and increase stamina in most breeds. Keeping an "open" studbook is what has produced some of the top horses in the country, and is allowed in even the American Quarter Horse. Allowing this "cross breeding" has produced such horses, as the American Gold Olympic champion horse, CUSTOM MADE. The current popular Irish Sport Horse is also a crossbred, infusing the Irish thoroughbred and Irish draught to create the ideal sport horse. Crossing the American thoroughbred and modern American Percheron has produced a wonderful hunter, eventer and dressage mount. More athletic than the purebred Percheron, with the nice larger frame and gentler nature than the thoroughbred, we can produce the American version of the ideal sport horse, with out the high price tag. The "key" is selecting only the best of each type of stock so they complement each other well. There are also other incentives to own and show American Warmbloods, The Sport Horse Owners and Breeders Association and the Performance Horse Registry offer cash rewards and prizes to horses that have been successful in their divisions. The American Warmblood Society also offers recognition for successful American Warmbloods as well as registration. In closing, if you are looking for a sound, large framed, big moving, even tempered horse, and do not have an unlimited budget, the American Warmblood just might be the horse you have been looking for.

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