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Barn Renovations To Greet Germantown Participants by Kevin DeBusk Since 1999 the Germantown Charity Horse Show has been working to improve the facilities for both its participants and spectators. The GCHS Arena, in Germantown, Tennessee is now entering phase two of renovation. "The show started in 1948 and we built this arena a couple of years later," President David Cuicchi said. "It's stood the test of time and has a tradition but we are trying to modernize it a little more. We are working to get all the architecture the same, with the building having a wood finish. "Our goal is to make it as comfortable for the exhibitors as possible. They're on the road for long periods of time and we want to make it more convenient for them. We want this to be a place they want to be on the circuit. That's one reason we renovated the restrooms and shower facilities when we did. "We want them to know we have good crowds here. I don't go to a lot of other shows but our crowds are strong for the type multi-breed show we have." Each year the Germantown Charity Horse Show draws in excess of forty thousand spectators. "This is a well supported show here," past President William "Bill" Sledge added. "The most important thing is to have good horses. That's what makes a good show when you have a lot of competition and good horses. That's the number one thing horse trainers look at." "We made improvements to the concession stands, ticket windows and the hunter/jumper area in 1999 as part of phase one," said David. "Last year we did more landscaping to enhance the area. As part of phase two we are going to redo the announcer's stand. We need a taller stand and would like for it to be more architecturally like what we have here. We need to put the judges and announcers a little higher where they can get a better view of the ring. "The main thing we've done for exhibitors this year is the renovation of barn A. We renovated all sixty-five stalls and have concrete walkways. They have Cypress on the front and steel bars. We have completely rewired it and added more water. "The original stalls were not purchased by us. They were donated by the Pigeons and moved from over on Walnut Grove in the early fifties. The stalls are more than fifty years old and were dismantled and re-mantled here. "The new stalls have already been used for two shows and exhibitors have been real excited about the new stalls and wanted to know when we were going to redo the other barns. We have a three to four year plan where we are going to take each barn. "Just prior to the show this year we are going to do some concrete work and fix up our box seats. That also includes doing dirt work in all the arenas so they will be ready." David added this work couldn't have been accomplished without the hard work and dedication of several individuals. "Norman Brown III was the chairman of our fundraising program and Jimmy Chancellor headed the construction of the stall. The cost of a stall is a thousand dollars and thanks to a gift of $10,000 from the Germantown Civic Club it allowed us to construct ten stalls." The Germantown Civic Club operates concessions during the event, serving several local favorites including Germantown Commissary Bar-B-Que. David concluded saying they hope to continue providing the best facilities they can and that he appreciated the generous donation for renovations and all the volunteers.

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