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TWHBEA Executive Committee Holds April Meeting The TWHBEA Executive Committee held a scheduled monthly meeting on April 30, and the major item on the agenda was the National Futurity class schedule issue. The committee reversed its previous decision and returned two and three-year-old flat-shod entries to separate classes. In addition, the plantation classes were converted to park pleasure, giving exhibitors the option of showing with hoof bands. Flat-shod classes at the 2001 futurity will include two-year-old lite-shod, three-year-old lite-shod, two-year-old park pleasure and there-year-old park pleasure. Under old business, Larry Lowman reported on the status of the TWHBEA Commemorative Garden project. With $49,100 total monies committed and in-hand, the executive committee gave the project the green light. In his report to the executive committee, TWHBEA Executive Director Bob Cherry said the chances were diminishing that the association would be able to present Mexican President Vicente Fox with a Tennessee Walking Horse. Although the state of Tennessee's agriculture trade mission to Mexico is still scheduled, the plans to meet with President Fox have not materialized. Mr. Cherry reported that the entire membership had been mailed all the information necessary to access IPEDS, TWHBEA's new on-line registry database. The May issue of the Voice magazine also includes information about the system. In addition, Mr. Cherry announced that the association would soon be offering a new CD modeled after IPEDS. Updates to the CD will be available via the Internet. The original PEDS CD has been discontinued, and those who purchased it will be allowed to buy the new CD for the same price it would have cost them to update the old version. Continuing his report, Mr. Cherry announced that he had taken it upon himself to raise $5,000 in sponsorship money for the TWHBEA Versatility Show. The money will be distributed as prize money. In the three years the show has been in existence, prize money has never before been offered. In an effort to make the show grow, Mr. Cherry said he plans to challenge the TWHBEA Pleasure Horse Committee and its subcommittee on versatility to become more aggressive in seeking sponsors in the future. Mr. Cherry took the opportunity during his report to confer with the divisional vice presidents regarding the scheduling of committee meetings during the May semi-annual board meeting. In addition, the executive committee approved a director's workshop for Friday, May 25 beginning at 2:00 p.m. The TWHBEA will soon make available a complete schedule of activities surrounding the May board meeting. Mr. Cherry's year-to-date comparisons show first time foal registrations decreasing 1,121, resulting in a decrease of $24,000 in revenue. Transfers have decreased 960, but transfer revenue is up $33,000. Mares on stallion breeding reports are up 473. New and renewed memberships have decreased 2,020, but total memberships have increased 115, resulting in an increase in membership revenue of $5,568. Charles Wharton delivered the standing committee report on behalf of the administrative/fiscal division. He reported that the association is showing $62,000 less revenue and $48,000 less expenses this year compared to the same period one year ago. In relation to the current budget, TWHBEA is $27,000 below plan in income, but $106,000 better than plan in expenses. Mr. Wharton said that the association is running ahead of its budget, but estimates that by year's end income over expenses will be less than it was last year. DNA testing and lease agreements were the focus of Judy Martin's breeders' division report. Following a lengthy discussion regarding the pros and cons of DNA testing, the executive committee charged TWHBEA staff and the breeders' committee with continuing to research the details involved in converting from bloodtyping to DNA testing. In addition, Ms. Martin and her committee will continue to pursue the legal ramifications of lease agreements, both for show horses and for broodstock. Jane Hardy Meredith, vice president of the enforcement division, reported that her committee recently investigated a formal complaint and found no rules violation had occurred. Following Mrs. Meredith's report, the executive committee ratified the actions of her committee. Charles Hulsey, horse show committee chairman, reported that his committee is looking into ways to establish more shows, particularly of the all-novice and all-amateur variety. One approach being looked at is the possibility of coupling these shows with established TWHBEA regional futurities to produce "stand alone" shows. The idea is still in the early stages of development, and information will be provided to the regional futurities as the project takes shape. Dr. Alan Bachert, vice president of the sales and promotion division, thanked the committee for the opportunity to represent the association at Equitana Germany. On the promotional front, he reported that TWHBEA staff would soon begin production on a new promotional video. Dr. Bachert also said that a variety of TWHBEA advertisements are slated to appear in national publications in May and June. Nancy Lynn Beech, member at large/youth, announced that the scholarship deadline had passed, and that the scholarship committee would begin reviewing applications on May 1. The executive committee approved two recommendations made by Miss Beech - (1) the creation of a "Saddletime" patch program for youth who log a certain number of hours in the saddle outside the show ring, and (2) the formation of a nationwide youth advisory panel to submit ideas for youth activities. The next meeting of the TWHBEA Executive Committee is scheduled for Friday, May 25 at 9:00 a.m.

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