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National Farriers Week - A Time To Say Thanks Like everyone else, farriers need an occasional pat on the back in recognition of their dedication, hard work, sacrifice and the impact they have on horses. That's what's behind National Farriers Week, being held from July 8 to 14. It's a time for horse owners, trainers, grooms and riders to show their appreciation for the role farriers play in the health of horses and other equines. American Farriers Journal, sponsor of National Farriers Week, hopes everyone concerned with the health of horses will join in recognizing and saying "thank you" to the practitioners of the horseshoeing craft. Farriers play a key role in equine health and performance. Their ability to perform that role is no accident. Many farriers invest their own time and part of their hard-earned shoeing money to improve their knowledge of horseshoeing, equine anatomy and the various types of ailments and lameness that can afflict the animals in their care. More than a few horse owners can share tales of farriers who answered an emergency call in the middle of the night or during Sunday dinner to come to the aid of a lame or injured horse. That type of behavior is more than the action of someone who is primarily concerned with increasing their income; it's the action of a true professional as well as of someone who cares about horses. National Farrier Week is a time for other people who care about horses to acknowledge their farrier's place in their animal's health. They can show their gratitude with a small gift, a tip, a batch of freshly-baked cookies or simply a heartfelt "thank you" to the professional who helps keep their horse upright and sound.

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