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Sarah Wolf Sees Pony Club As Beneficial To Youth by Kevin DeBusk Seventeen-year-old Sarah Wolf, of Cordova, Tennessee, sees her role with the Pony Club as being life long. Sarah, who has obtained the second highest rating in Pony Club (HA), rides for the West Tennessee Pony Club. "It's said Pony Club is a way of life and it really is," Sarah stated. "I've done so much this year between teaching riding and teaching others to teach. I've brought people over here and let them school. It's just a way of life and it's one I don't think I could ever be without. "I really enjoy working with the kids. I love teaching. I'll be going to college in another year and there will need to be someone in the club to teach and set the example. "I will be with Pony Club all my life even when I'm an adult. I wouldn't mind getting into the examining program to do the national tests. I think doing that is something I would enjoy but I could also take that knowledge and help whatever Pony Club is in my area. "I got involved in Pony Club in 1991. It's so much more than riding it prepares you for life. It has taught me so much responsibility. Especially this HA rating I received last summer. You literally have to be able to go run a barn and take care of anything and everything. The Rally, in Kentucky, teaches everyone team work because there are constantly judges watching." Until finding dressage eventing was Sarah's passion. "I use to show about four times a year when I evented," she said. "Now, I share this horse (SINGULAR SENSATION "Sam") with my mom and between the two of use we might get to two shows. I do schooling shows here but as far as recognized shows I go to one or two. "I use to love combined training and going cross country, there was no greater thrill to me. I started working a lot more in dressage and I got another mare to ride." She continued saying that mares wasn't deigned for eventing. "There is so much you can do with dressage and it helps your horse become such a good athlete," she said. "There's such a great partnership between horse and rider. There's nothing boring about dressage, it's a lot of work." After graduating, from White Station High School, Sarah plans to continue here passion for horses in college. "I want to go to a school that has an equestrian team," she reported. "I just bought a two-year-old and she will be ready to start riding right as I'm leaving, so it's going to have to be somewhere close, so I can come back and ride and help train." So what do Sarah's friends think of her horses? "You say Pony Club and people think ooh ponies," she commented. "They all go to the mall and go out with friends while I clean out my barn. It's two different ways of life. My really close friends know this is what I really want to do and they even come out to shows and support me." So where does Sarah see herself after college? "I want to ride horses for the rest of my life," she said. "Whether I'm teaching or not I will have my own barn. I would like to further my training. I'm not sure if I want to be a clinician or not. "I would like to go for my A rating. Right now I only have a horse that can do dressage; I don't have one that can jump."

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