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It Just Keeps Gettin' Better! by Kip Weiss, Painted Pony Ranch, Potts Camp, Miss. When SNOWY RIVER was born, I knew from the first time I set eyes on his bright white hide and big black eyes, that here was truly something special. Last month when Equine Geneticist Dr. Sponenberg's prediction came true and Tammy and Kenneth Stanton's little sorrel mare gave birth to SNOWY's first baby "SNOW WONDER", a gorgeous Sabino colt, I just didn't think it could get any better. Well, guess what . . . it did! Sally and Bobby Sigman of Silhouette Farms in Mount Pleasant, Miss. bred a gorgeous black and white tobiano walking horse to SNOWY last year. I had really been anxious about the birth of MARKS MAGIC GAL'S (K.C.'s) baby. When the beautiful show horse came to "visit" SNOWY last year, I had fallen in love with the sweet tempered mare. I knew whatever they had would be wonderful. How could it miss? Both parents were beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses with fabulous gaits, pretty heads, great conformation and puppydog-I-really-love-you dispositions. Can't fail combination. I expected terrific, but the genetic question was . . . would SNOWY RIVER's one hundred percent sabino genes overpower K.C.'s tobiano genes? There haven't been enough white horses born for there to have been any real studies done on them, just expert predictions and "probablies". Well . . . Dr. Sponenberg is still battin' a thousand! I expect lots of color from SNOWY, but in my wildest dreams I hadn't expected what the Sigmans found wandering around behind their barn. At first, Sally thought a big white dog had wandered in. Then she realized it was K.C.'s baby! He had been born and promptly headed off on his first adventure . . . by rolling under the fence! After a lot of excitement and scary moments, they finally got mama and baby reunited. On closer inspection, the "Big White Dog" turned out to be the prettiest, loudest colored blue roan sabino stud colt you've ever seen, and like his brother SNOW WONDER, he walks his fluffy white tail off. The quality of these colts just amazes me. I was always pretty sure SNOWY would be a hundred per cent sabino producer, but until the babies hit the ground, you don't know if your horse is just a studhorse who fertilizes whatever the mare is "makin" or a "sire" who puts his stamp on a baby and outproduces himself. You can tell just by lookin' who's the daddy of that amazing baby with the splashy blue spotted hide. He looks back us, shakes his beautifully sculpted head, leaps into the air and takes off in a big loose gaited run-walk. You can read him loud and clear, "Y'all hold onto your hats cause I'm gonna take the world by storm. See if I don't. I'm SILHOUETTES SNOWSTORM . . . I'm the son of SNOWY RIVER.

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