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Farriers' National Research Center & School, Inc. Officially Opens May 19, 2001 marked the official Grand Opening of the FNRC in northwest Georgia. And what a grand day it was! It was fun for all that included wagon and pony rides for kids and adults alike, food, games and singing, free horsemanship clinics on safe riding, proper saddling, teaching your horse to ground tie and stand while mounting and lunging. There were tips on purchasing a sound and child safe horse and the importance and safe way for horse owners to handle their own horses' feet and tolerate noises such as shooting balloons in the air from horseback in a clinic by Ralph Casey, the Director. These pre-show events led up to the Live Audience taping of Horseshoe'n Time, our weekly TV shown seen on cable stations throughout the U.S. Inside the 80'x150' center are grandstands allowing visitors to watch overhead monitors of the actual shoeing techniques being performed with no obstructions and no looking over someone's shoulder. It was an enthusiastic crowd and eager to ask plenty of questions throughout the shoeing process, which is just what we like! The purpose and goal for the research center is to provide education to the public from the research and developments documented here on a daily basis. Whether the research is on what style of shoe to use, what product or what works best for what horse or activity, to simply identifying the problem. Problems usually include unbalanced trimming and shoeing causing the entire horse to be out of balance and only a trained eye and experience from farriers can spot this. Our work starts with education on preventing problems such as founder, white line disease, low heels and so many more. The work here is overseen by Master Farriers from across the U.S. on a rotating basis along with farriers working on their Farrier Science Degrees and students. All in all, this is the only facility in the U.S. offering this type of hoof care and shoeing educational structure and is proudly owned by caring horse owners and farriers. Often times horses need more than just shoes to help them. We also work with a MagnaCare Equine Therapy Unit and the new Equine BioCryo unit from BioCompression Systems as seen here. This is designed to effectively relieve swelling utilizing cold therapy and with a massaging effect it helps to progressively move fluid from the hoof area.

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