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George Meek Brings Horsemanship To Rodeos George Meek of Burns, Tenn., is a Roman Riding sensation. In 2001 he has already performed across the country with the Longhorn World Championship Rodeo and has plans to work several more rodeos across the south and up north before the seasons out. George Meek represents a great demonstration of horsemanship skills by standing astride two fast running chargers he calls his Flying White Chargers. George's two horses consist of one 9-year-old, beautiful albino gelding he calls Silverado. This horse has a great disposition, loves people and the limelight - All the ingredients to make a good performing horse. The second horse is a sassy little 4-year-old mare named Silver Queen. She is tough as nails and has lots of energy. This pair is inseparable and work great as a team. George projects a wild and western image in his act by entering the arena at breakneck speed. Just as deftly, he can command his horses to stop and maintain the calm and collected paces of a saddle horse by using only voice commands. His balance is uncanny and he has demonstrated this by performing difficult feats of fancy footwork atop his horses. This cowboy's natural but confident style earned him the 1991 and 1998 award of Best Contract Act of the Year in the International Pro Rodeo Association. In 1992, he was voted best act at the Contract Arts Show in Oklahoma City, Okla. He has also had the honor of working the SRA, NARC, ARA, ACA, NRA, FCA and the MFR Finals and the All Regional Finals in Boston, Mass. His dedication to his act, his eagerness to always learn more about performing and his likeable personality are a plus in his profession. His performance is a must to see. You'll love him and you'll love his horses.

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