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Burton's Sugar Farm Offers Day And Night Trail Riding by Kevin DeBusk With four to five hundred acres of riding Burton's Sugar Farm hopes to attract horse groups and trail riders. The facility, opened in May on highway 72 in Michigan City, Mississippi, and is owned by W.A. and Jeannie Burton. "This farm has been in my family since 1879 or 1880," he said. "That's when my grandfather came here and settled. I worked for the postal service for eleven years but all I do now is raise cattle and hay. We sell a lot of hay to horse farmers. "I'd been kicking this idea around for the last eight to ten years and tried to talk her into it the year before last. Finally, she agreed. "We originally planned on building a pavilion but when this old hunting cabin became available we decided it was more economical to buy it." "We visited other places like this to get ideas," Jeannie said. "What we had in mind when we opened was to attracted groups. "We have a cabin and plenty of riding space; you just have to bring your own horses. We have wooded and pasture areas to ride in and walking trails. "Groups can rent the facilities for a day or evening for $100 or the entire night for $150, for a group of ten. If they have more than ten staying it's $200 and we provide the linens." The cabin has all the amenities of home with a refrigerator, bathroom, beds, tv and air conditioning. "We're offering hay rides, bonfires, and star gazing."she said. "We also have catch and release fishing ponds and we can cater. We do catfish, wienie roasts, bar-b-que and will consider other requests. We have a small hay maze in place and hope to make it bigger when we get more hay." "The only problem is we don't have anywhere for people to keep their horses right now," W.A. added. "We plan on having some pens in the future. We are looking at W&W panels to make one horse corrals. "We hope to attract riding clubs and groups that want to spend a day riding or have meetings. The groups we've had so far have thought this was great. People can come out here and see deer, wild turkey, and other wildlife. "In the future we are looking at having school groups in and educating them on agriculture. First hand is the only way you are going to be able you can teach anyone like that. There are to many people that think you can go to the grocery store and get anything you want and it's manufactured right there."

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