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Carriage Clinic A Big Success In response to the growth in Carriage Driving , the Volunteer Morgan Horse Club had a Carriage Clinic at Columbia, TN. The clinic held on July 14, was such a success that a second day was added to the format. Breeds of all types from Morgan horses to Welsh ponies,to Belgian drafts and many others participated in the clinic. Even the July weather cooperated by being cool and breezy for July. Tom Hilgenberg from Newnan, Georgia presented the two day clinic. Tom and his Morgan gelding, Gus (Whose Zoomin Who), were members of the US Silver Medal Team at the first ever World Singles Championships held at Ebbs, Austria in 1998. He has been an active leader in encouraging people to drive and promoting Morgans as excellent driving horses. Tom is the chairman of the Education Committee of the American Driving Association (ADS). The American Driving Society promotes safety, education and oversees competitions for Carriage Driving. Throughout both days of the clinic, Tom worked with all skill levels from that of total Novices, who needed to know how to harness the horses, to those who wanted to work on Dressage Driving. Skillfully, he went from level to another, making corrections but never making participates feel inadequate to the task. Many people in the clinic carefully listened as he was working with different drivers to glean addition information from Tom. On Saturday evening, Tom judged 3 Carriage Classes during the Volunteer fun show in order for participates to utilize their newly acquired skills. On September 9, the Volunteer Morgan Horse Club will have carriage classes in their show at MTSU Agricultural Center in Murfreesboro, TN. There is also a carriage competition, The Cannon Carriage Classic, taking place in August 24, 25 and 26 near Woodbury, Tennessee. If you would like to see some real excitement driving horses cross-country through water and obstacles, check out this competition.

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