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Mid-South Horse Review Sponsors 4th Equine Rescue Seminar Participants from as far away as Jackson, Miss. attended the 4th annual Equine Rescue Seminar held at Show Place Arena on July 25, 2001. Sponsored by the Mid-South Horse Review and Shelby Farms Equestrian Alliance, the seminar trains first response personnel in basic horse handling should they ever be called to an accident in which horses are involved or have to catch a horse running loose. Volunteers and their horses from all across Shelby County area arrived early in the morning to take a brief refresher course in how the seminar would be taught. Animal Control Officers from Marion, Ark., West Memphis, Ark., Horn Lake, Miss., as well as Shelby County along with Police Officers and Sheriff's Department Deputies got a chance to have hands-on experience in catching, restraining and handling the horses. Comments from participants in the seminar made it very clear that this was a much-needed training session. "This course is a good one and I would like the advance," Kent Cooper, Miss. Animal Rescue League, Jackson, Miss. "I enjoyed this course and it will definitely come in useful in my day-to-day activity," Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy." "Knowing how to respond in summoning a vet, freeing the horse in a safe and calm manner without getting hurt, or hurting yourself," Memphis Mounted Police Officer. "Very good! Wanted to see what was offered to refer to my officers assigned to my shift. My horse experience was great, everything offered is always a help," V. Dollahite, Jr., Shelby County Sheriff's Dept. The Shelby Farms Equestrian Alliance wants to thank Don Dowdle and the Mid-South Horse Review for underwriting another year of the Equine Rescue Seminar. Because of their support, your horses will have a better chance if they are ever involved in a trailering accident in Shelby County or escape from their pastures. We also want to thank all of the volunteers for their time and effort and also thank their patient horses.

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