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Varian Arabian Stallion Scores Big As Favorite BreyerFest Celebration Horse For 2001 by Clint & Dawn Voris We met the Arabian stallion ATLANTIS BEY V, the BreyerFest Celebration horse for 2001, at BreyerFest, held July 27-29, 2001 at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. BreyerFest is to model horse enthusiasts what Scottsdale or the Nationals are to those involved with Arabian horses. It includes model horse shows, seminars and workshops, as well as huge swap meets and even auctions. People from all over the US, Canada and abroad make the yearly trip to Lexington for this event. Customized models frequently sell for several hundred dollars, with some going for thousands of dollars. The best, most detailed, model tack can sell for prices approaching its real life counterparts. One of Breyer's newer molds is the Arabian stallion HUCKLEBERRY BEY model, which many regard as the best and most accurate mass produced model horse available. Each mold is usually produced in only one color for a period of time, then later released in another color. The HUCKLEBERRY BEY mold has been available with HUCKLEBERRY BEY's original color and markings since it was released. Those attending BreyerFest this year had a special treat: the ATLANTIS BEY V BREYER horse was released in bright chestnut to match it's namesake. The ATLANTIS BEY V model is a special run produced only for this event, and is no longer available except from people lucky enough to have gotten one at BreyerFest. The model is a beautiful chestnut color that does a good job of matching the brilliant chestnut coat and white markings of the Varian stallion. We own CARABEAN BEY V, a beautiful gelding by ATLANTIS BEY V (the "V" stands for Varian Arabians, his breeder). Being from Indiana, we took this opportunity to meet ATLANTIS in "person," since he would be at BreyerFest to promote the model. We found him in the nearest barn to the show ring, and introduced ourselves to Sally Joyce, his rider and caretaker for the event. We didn't really mean to, but before long we had drawn a crowd. ATLANTIS was the perfect gentleman. He stood quietly while dozens of children and adults took photos and petted him, running their hands over every part of his glistening coat. He obliged with ears up and a knowing gentleness not frequently seen in other breeds. This gorgeous show horse never took a wrong step. He posed, sniffed and nuzzled those lucky enough to get close enough to him, and the crowd grew and grew. As I stood with him for a photo, he was as calm and gentle as our gelding, yet it wasn't long before he hit the show ring with that famous trot and blow. ATLANTIS BEY V is a wonderful example of the famous Varian breeding as well as a deserving model of the Arabian horse for the 2001 BreyerFest Celebration. Note: ATLANTIS BEY V, bred by Varian Arabians, represents the fourth generation of breeding through the Varian sire line, and is currently at Stachowski Farms in Ohio with well-known trainer Jim Stachowski. ATLANTIS and his handler Sally Joyce traveled to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, for the 3 day BreyerFest event, which was held from July 27th to July 29th, 2001. ATLANTIS V was ridden several times each day to large and enthusiastic crowds.

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