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Third Nashoba Carriage Classic Increases In Popularity by Kevin DeBusk If you had driven down Poplar Avenue, in Collierville, Tennessee, September 28-30 you might have thought you went back in time. You probably saw horses pulling carriages and riders in their Sunday best. The reason being thirty-three carriage drivers, from four states, converged on Schilling Farms that weekend for the 3rd Annual Nashoba Carriage Classic. This event was sponsored by the Nashoba Carriage Association and benefited Special Cargo. "I thought it went rather well," President Ruth Wilburn said. "I think everybody that came had a good time and we had great weather. "We had a lot more spectators this year. I think the weather had a lot to do with it but I also think we got the word out better. People would drive by and it would catch their eye. There are a lot of people out here that have never seen a carriage before." Another positive for the show was increased numbers. "We (Nashoba) have more and more people getting into it," remarked Wilburn. "I think the sports becoming more popular because you can use any type horse. We had a little of everything at this show. We had a Fjord, Haflingers, Welsh Ponys, Quarter Horses, Percheron, Tennessee Walkers and miniature horses to name a few. "We also had Vicki Bodoh here showing. She is President of the Carriage Association of America. She had a great time here earlier in the year and wanted to come back. She had some good competition in her classes and said she had a great time." They also provided carriage rides and education. "That's how we recruit people," she said. "We love getting new people involved and that's how we get them bitten with the bug. That's what our clubs all about having fun and educating people." So why Special Cargo? "We wanted to use this money in an equine related way," Wilburn said. "It so worth while. They have such a long waiting list of children wanting to get in." Wilburn continued saying even with all the spectators and participants this wouldn't have been a success without all the volunteers. "They are out here at dawn and don't get through till dusk."

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