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Barrel Racers Learn From Hands On At Bramlett Arena by Kevin DeBusk One on one improvement and hands on training were what barrel racers received during a three-day clinic, September 14-16, at Bramlett Arena. NBHA founder Talmadge Green conducted the three-day clinic. "It's been a real good school," Talmadge said. "When you ride them all individually this is a good number to work with." The clinic drew fourteen participants and several spectators. "I've always said every horse and every person is a different individual," he remarked. "If you don't give it one on one you may only suit one or two in the school. By doing it one on one and riding each horse I have an idea of what they have and can suit them to their horse." "I came looking to improve my skills," Betty Lanier said. "I really needed some extra help. I've been racing on and off for the last three or four years. "Talmadge teaches one on one where lots of times you go to clinics and you're in a quick fix type method. They think one method for every rider where he goes for the horse. "It's much more beneficial than having everyone lumped together in one big class. The horsemanship part is good but most of us need individual help and that's why we're here. "He rides our horse and tells us what type style our horse has. He watches us and does most things more individually which helps us out." From a competitive stand Betty said she would definitely be more confident now. She continued saying the confidence level of the other riders had also improved. "He goes with what works," Keith Bramlett said. "He knows what he's doing and makes people feel comfortable. He doesn't just show you how to do something he teaches you how to do something." Keith continued saying plans are already being made for next year's clinic. "We want it to bigger and better than this one," Keith stated.

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