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APHA Makes Several Enhancements To Breeders Trust Program The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) has announced major improvements to its one-of-a-kind incentive program for breeders, owners and others involved with competitive Paint Horses. Known as the APHA Breeders Trust, the program has quadrupled its payouts to more than $660,000 annually since it first awarded money in 1997. Over the past five years, the Breeders Trust has paid out more than $2 million, with $663,260 awarded to 1,545 individuals this year alone. In the first year of the program, APHA paid out $163,217 to 276 participants. Under new rules for the 2002 breeding, showing and racing seasons, starting January 1, 2002, the payout percentage to those who subscribe a stallion in the program will double. Other improvements to the program are designed to bolster participation even further, which in turn would increase the total payout amount. In this program, a person may "subscribe," or enroll, a stallion in Breeders Trust for an annual fee. Offspring resulting from breedings to that stallion may then be "nominated," or enrolled in the program, for a specific fee. Enrollment money, including interest accrued in the APHA Breeders Trust Fund, is later paid out to these stallion subscribers, as well as the nominators and owners of the stallion's offspring, based on points earned by those horses at APHA-approved races and shows each year. Depending on the success of the nominated horses, payments to their owners and nominators, as well as the subscriber of the horse's sire, may continue for the life of the competitive horses. Following are highlights of the program: Stallions, which must be enrolled by November 30 of the year prior to the start of the breeding season, are subscribed annually for their highest advertised breeding fee. Offspring resulting from the stallion's breedings can then be nominated for life for a one-time enrollment fee, ranging from $100 to $800. The fee varies depending on the age at which the horse is enrolled. No horse is accepted in the program after its 2-year-old year, or if it has earned points in APHA competition. Trust money is divided and paid annually, beginning when a subscribed stallion's foals reach their yearling year. Payouts are based on the total number of point-earning horses enrolled in the program and the number of points earned by those horses during a given year. Recent Changes And Improvements Starting with payments in March 2003 for the 2002 show and race season, the percentage of the payout to stallion subscribers doubles. The recorded owner of the stallion's offspring-with ownership determined by who owns the horse on December 31 of the show and race season-receives 70 percent of the dividend, the stallion subscriber receives 20 percent and the nominator of the stallion's offspring receives 10 percent. Subscribers of stallions standing for their first breeding season now have until March 31 to enroll their horse without penalty. The November 30 deadline remains in effect for all previously enrolled stallions. Racehorses are now included in the program. Points earned at all APHA-approved races are now eligible for the Breeders Trust payout. The stallion subscription re-enrollment form has been condensed to make re-enrollment easier. Anyone can now subscribe a stallion to the Breeders Trust for a specific year, if that person obtains the stallion owner's permission. The subscriber then receives the money earned from the subscription for that particular breeding season. The minimum private treaty or "does not stand to public" fee, on which stallion subscription fees are based, has been increased to $700, effective for the 2002 breeding season. The deadline and late fee schedule for stallion subscriptions has been changed to the following: Normal deadline to subscribe: November 30 (prior to breeding year) Fee: Highest stud fee charged Late fee deadline to subscribe: December 1-March 31(during breeding year) Fee:1.5 x highest stud fee charged Late fee deadline to subscribe: April 1-December 31 (during breeding year) Fee: 2 x highest stud fee charged For more information on the American Paint Horse Breeders Trust, call Candy Cain at (817) 222-6416, or e-mail your questions to her at You can also learn more about the Breeders Trust by visiting the APHA Web site at

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