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Boot Sizing Makes A Difference In Comfort by Kevin DeBusk Dudley Rogers, of McComb, Mississippi, realizes the importance of proper fitting boots. Dudley has worked in the western wear business for fourteen years and currently works for Justin Brands. "My philosophy is if your feet hurt your whole body hurts," Dudley said. "It's just like horses. If you don't take care of their feet and legs properly they're not going to perform properly and it's not going to be an enjoyable experience." That's why Dudley recently spent the weekend in Southaven, Mississippi, with the Nocona Boot wagon sizing people's feet at Cowboy Corner. The sizing wagon allowed them to try boots from 3 quad A to a 16 4E. "We want to make sure the public is educated on fit," Dudley said. "Our primarily goal is for them to be comfortable in boots and in the right size. If they're in the right size boots they can be in the right size shoes. "We find ninety percent of the boot wearing public aren't properly fitted, for one reason or another. Mostly, because people have never properly been fitted. They have worn a generic size that's available in most western stores. "A boot is suppose to fit from the ball of your foot to the ball of your heal. It's supposed to have support for your instep. There's a reason for it to fit that way; it keeps the tendons and ligaments together. "The toe has no bearing on how the boot should fit. The reason being we fit from the ball of the heal to the ball of the foot, the widest part of the foot. People's toes are different lengths and toe boxes in boots are different lengths. So toes aren't a good barometer on how the boot should fit." He concluded saying if people take the time to get sized and wear proper sizes likely they will have a good experience and their feet will be more comfortable come the end of the day.

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