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Animal Right Activist Threaten Cancellation Of Olympic Rodeo The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) is concerned about animal rights activist causing the cancellation of the 2002 Olympic Rodeo and are urging all fans to take action. "To: Rodeo supporters and those opposed to radical animal rights activists From: Cindy Schonholtz, PRCA Animal Welfare Coordinator As most of you know, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee is working with the PRCA to produce a rodeo as a part of the Arts and Culture Festival during the Salt Lake Olympics next February. Utah animal rights groups are putting enormous pressure on Salt Lake Organizing Committee CEO Mitt Romney and Governor Mike Leavitt to cancel this event. The rodeo community needs to embrace this event and contact Mr. Romney and Gov. Leavitt TODAY and let him know that there is tremendous support for this rodeo. Please do not allow the vocal few animal rights activists outnumber us with letters, this is a vital battle to keep rodeo thriving while supporting our friends at the Salt Lake Organizing Committee. Please send me a copy of any letters sent to or fax to 719-548-4864. Contacts: Please email, write, or fax Mr. Romney and Governor Leavitt today. Here is the contact information to send supportive letters. Governor Mike Leavitt 210 State Capitol Salt Lake City, UT 84144 801-538-1000 Fax: 801-538-1528 email: Salt Lake Organizing Committee Mitt Romney 299 S. Main St., Ste. 1300 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 E-Mail: Similar supportive letters to the editor are also needed. Please send a short letter supporting the Olympic Command Performance Rodeo in Davis County during the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City to: Deseret News: Fax: (801) 237-2530 E-mail: If you wish to write a letter to the editor to be published in our Readers' Forum please send it directly to Letters must include a full name, address and telephone number. Salt Lake City Tribune: Email: Fax: 801-257-8950 E-mail letters lacking full name, postal address and daytime telephone number and those sent to other e-mail boxes will be deleted. E-mail with attachments will be deleted. Points to make: Rodeo is a legitimate and important part of the American History and the Culture of the Salt Lake City region. Rodeo livestock is provided proper care and treatment at events sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Animal rights extremist are a vocal minority and do not represent the majority of American's who enjoy interacting with animals in events such as rodeo. Please include this line before the text of the letter or email RE: Support the Olympic Rodeo Sample Letter: Dear Mr. Romney: Please accept my thanks to the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for including a rodeo as a part of the Arts and Culture Festival. The sport of rodeo is a wonderful way to share this nation's great westernheritage with the millions of visitors to our country during the Olympics. I join the millions of rodeo fans who enjoy being a part of the great sport of rodeo as spectators, contestants and organizers in saluting the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and pledging my support of the Olympic Command Performance Rodeo to be held in Davis County. Please do not allow a vocal minority of animal rights extremists to hamper the Salt Lake Organizing Committees ability to share the sport of rodeo as an important part of America's culture. Sincerely," Remember as heated as your letters might be you have to be tactful. We want the people of Salt Lake City to know rodeo fans are both enthusiastic and passionate about the sport .

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