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Corey Breedlove Off To Fast Start In NBHA And TSCA Submitted by Arena Action Photography The announcer turns his microphone off and asks the question, who and where did this kid come from! The kid, 12 years old Corey Breedlove, of Nashville Tennessee, came on the NBHA and TSCA scene 19 months ago and never looked back. He is the son of Mark and Sandra Breedlove. Like most American boys baseball was Corey's passion till the fall of 1999. "Since Corey was four years old he spent his springs and summers on a baseball field," Sandra reported. "In December when the coaches were selecting their teams for the coming season, Corey announces he is wasn't going to play baseball, he was going to ride in speed events at the horse shows. "Corey hadn't been on a horse's back more than a dozen times in his entire life and had never ridden at more than a trot. Corey did not have a pony much less tack or transportation to the shows but that was not a problem. His cousin had a pony and saddle she had out grown and space in her horse trailer." Corey's mother rode barrel horses as a youth and understood the competitive nature of the sport, and knowing that Corey was new and really could not ride very well, she and his father sat him down and talked to him about just having fun and not being concern about winning. "We explained to him that it would be a wonderful year for learning and that he might just win a ribbon or two," she commented. "We explained to him that most likely he would not have enough point to ride at the TSCA State Meet but they would take him to the State Meet and buy him his own pony if he wanted to continue riding." Corey started riding in late March on a borrowed pony named "DAISEY". "It was your typical first ride he trotted around the barrels and poles and everyone was so proud of him," his mother said. "By the second week everyone was a little surprised he cantered rather fast and by the first of June Corey was running 21's in the poles and 17's in the barrels, but DAISEY had nothing else to give." In June of 2000 Ray Mundy, told the Breedlove's about a pony that he thought would be a perfect match for Corey. "The pony had not been ridden in several years and there was a major obstacle, the pony was not for sale," she commented. "Mr. Mundy made the call anyway and told Corey's story to Jason and Linda Warden and they thankfully agreed to sell "SMOKEY" to Corey." Smokey had made many trips to the TSCA State Meet but the 2000 meet would be Corey's first. Corey and Smokey's placed 1st breaking a 23 year old record in the Jr. One Barrel Speed, and placed 2nd in Jr. Figure 8 Speed and 3rd in Jr. Barrels. "After the record breaking run, Corey's cousin, Amanda Wright told us, 'We have been riding all our lives and have never come close to this honor'," Sandra commented. Throughout 2000 and 2001 Corey and Smokey continued to improve. Corey and Smokey were the 2001 High Point Winners in the Junior Class at Harpeth River Saddle Club and Cheatham County Saddle Club. At the 2001 TSCA State Meet they won 1st in Jr. Barrels, 1st in Jr. Poles, 1st Jr. Figure 8 Speed and 2nd in Jr. One Barrel Speed. During the winter of 2000-2001 Corey was introduced to the NBHA. During the winter Corey rode in several NBHA sanctioned shows. Since Corey rode a pony and most of the other children were riding horses in the Youth Class he did not give much thought to seriously competing in the organization. Unknowing to Corey, while he competed in NBHA sanctioned shows during the winter of 2000-2001 he was accumulating points toward attending the NBHA State Championship in Martin, Tennessee. "When the entry forms arrived in the mail in late summer we had just purchased Corey a new horse, 'TINYS BABY BUG'," Sandra said. "We discussed whether to attend the state NBHA show and decided it would be an excellent experience for Corey, SMOKEY and BABY." Corey and Baby were named the 2001 NBHA Tennessee State Youth 1D Champion. Corey and Smokey won 1D in the pony class. Corey's parents will tell you they are so proud of his accomplishments but most of all they are grateful for the quality time that they get to spend with Corey, friendships the family has made and the cherished memories. "It's amazing how a child and pony can change the lives of an entire family," she commented. "After 19 months we own five horses. He also has his own transportation, a Sundowner trailer from Sundowner of Nashville."

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