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Nearly 140 Years Later, Rangers Ride Again In a new historical fiction novel, the Texas Rangers who protected the western frontier nearly 140 years ago ride again. Based on the author's family history, Michael and Marilyn Gilhuly's Call to Glory: The Life and Times of a Texas Ranger traces the saga of the Wiley brothers, three fiercely proud Texans whose destinies ran through the most tumultuous times in American history. From joining ranks with fellow Texans in the Civil War to donning the bronze badge of the Ranger to protect a still deadly frontier, Call to Glory: The Life and Times of a Texas Ranger recounts a gripping story of justice, romance and honor. Based on extensive historical research and actual incidents, Call to Glory begins when two of the brothers, Leroy and Carter, rescue their brother Clayton from a Union prison camp at Ft. Donelson. They then make their way back to Texas with the help of a beautiful southern sympathizer. After the war, two of the brothers rejoin the Texas Rangers where they battle outlaws and Comanche Indians while their families struggle to survive in the economic and social problems that did not go away with the surrender at Appomattox. Fresh from a war with Mexico, having won their independence and gained statehood, Texans developed a strong sense of pride. Infused with the blood and honor of Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and San Houston - Texans became tough, hell bent for leather men with a strong sense of justice. They founded the Texas Rangers to bring law and order to the Texas frontier. This is also a story of the commitment and sacrifices of the women in their lives. Women who shared the trials of war while waiting for the men they loved to return - fair and tender ladies who prove as tough as the Texas frontier. Michael Gilhuly is a Vietnam veteran and a West Point graduate. He holds degrees from Emory law and medical schools. Marilyn, his wife of thirty-one years, is the past Chairman of the State of Georgia Civil War Commission and the current Vice-President of the Atlantic Civil War Round Table. She is a direct descendent of one of the brothers in Call to Glory.

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