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Shows And Fundraisers And More Money Planned By NBHA TN-05 I know many of you by now and for the ones who do not know me, I am Victoria Montesi Swindle. Being the new Director for TN-05, my number one goal is to make our district even bigger and better. Melinda Donnell has done a great job and I am sure we all thank her for all of her hard work. We also need to thank Donna Freeman as well for a job well done as Tennessee State Director. She is staying on as the TN-00 Director. Sherri Cupples is the new Tennessee State Director and is looking forward to working with all of us. Here are some of the plans we have scheduled and will be needing all of your support and help. We will be co-sanctioning shows with MS-01 at two new arenas which will be at Dogwood Arena in Moscow, Tenn. on Highway 57, approximately four miles east of Highway 76, and the Ty/Shane Arena in Collierville, Tenn., a half mile east of 205 on Highway 57. Arlington has also agreed to host three NBHA shows this year. One of the first fundraisers will be a raffle for the Rienhardt Barrel Racing clinic. I am asking each member to sell three $5 tickets. This will be a great opportunity for our district. Make sure each ticket has the printed name and phone number of each person clearly. This raffle will be drawn March 16 at the co-sanctioned show at Dogwood Arena. The cost is $275 for one of the best barrel racing clinics offered by Dan and Vicki Rienhardt. We are very fortunate to have this clinic held in our area at the Holly Springs or Barry Thomas Arena. The clinic will start Friday night at 6:00 p.m. and will last through Sunday. Kathy Holcomb and I attended last year and learned so much. Others have highly recommended this clinic for anyone. We are working on having more added money to each show. With every $3 training run, we want to add $2 back to the jackpot. This will add up fast - get there early and ride. We will also be putting on benefit shows. With your help, you can get your name added to the drawing for the Circle Y Breast Collar or have the cash in hand. We are always giving something away. Now money with 50/50 jackpot drawings, movie tickets, country hams, along with cookie dough fundraiser and pictures with ponies. TN-05 will be rolling in dollars. We are very excited and expect to have a great year with paychecks at the end. Our new TN-05 team is out to recruit any new members we can find; the more members we have, the bigger the paychecks will be. I would like to thank all of the people who agreed to help me with this enormous decision to take this District. And who said beginners can be winners too. Without the help and support of the Holcomb's, the Freeman's, the Donnell's, the Tabor's and the Cupples' support, I couldn't have taken on this position. We all want to make the TN-05 District the best and biggest in Tennessee. None of this could happen without the help of the TN-05 members. In all of the things we do, let's have fun and be safe! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. Please turn in your sponsorships early, this will help us greatly.

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