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Coleman Takes Over PBR At Grand Rapids, But Stays Humble by Sheila Totten "It's about time", crowed young gun Ross Coleman when he won the PBR Grand Rapids event. Coleman, 23, earned $23,715 for his trouble which included 12 stitches on the top of his head after a wreck in round two. He came back and scored 91.5 on BOOGER RED in the short go to win the event. Brian Herman finished a close second. Coleman is one of the most personable young guns in the PBR. Loaded with talent and charisma, he shows his warmth when talking to and taking pictures with little children. I have never seen him turn one down or be abrupt. He is polite and charming with a smile reminiscent of both Michael Gaffney and Tuff Hedeman. This win puts Ross in second place in the standings while Ednei Caminhas has taken over first and, "The Razor," Jim Sharp has been pushed down to third. Rushed to a local area hospital, but later released was Corey Navarre. Corey suffered a concussion and facial lacerations. To recap PBR events since last month;s issue I will start with Billings, Montana. The 10th annual NILE Bull Riding Invitational was won by Lee Akin. The 27 year old senior at Southwestern Oklahoma State was in his 5th PBR event. Winnings of $25,580 brought his total for five events to more than $56,000. It was his 91.5 ride on VOLD-LARSEN'S HARD COPY that gave him the win. Young Gun Cory McFadden thrilled the crowd with a 95.5 ride on the infamous LITTLE YELLOW JACKET winning the Built Ford Tough Round to finish second in the event. Andre Moraes finished third. Next came the Jacksonville Open. Unfortunately Florida native Tater Porter injured his left shoulder (free arm) and will be out for at least eight weeks, hopefully returning for Louisville, Kentucky. Miek Lee, 18 year old rookie in only his 6th PBR event was the only rider to cover all three bulls. Lee earned $28,200 when he rode David Barley's JOHNNY WEST for 89.5. Chris Shivers came in second while Cory Melton finished third. In Colorado Spring, the home of the PBR, Adriano Moraes celebrated his 32nd birthday by winning the event and $25,210. This was Moraes second year in a row as a winner here. He was the only man to ride all three bulls, winning on a 91.5 ride on DeWalt Challenge. Chris Shivers came in second while Justin McBride, who shared last year's title with Moraes at this event, came in third. Canadian Reuben Gelevnse, 23, who was invited as an alternate rider to fill in for the injured Ty Murray, won Nampa, Idaho. This was his 8th PBR event. He won $24,358 for the event and an additional $25,000 for the Ford Truck Moment of Truth Bonus prize-reserved for the rider who enters the short go in first place nd remains in first by winning the overall event. Gelevnse beat Ross Coleman by 1.5 points. Chris Shivers came in third. Fans had a scare when Ryan Pettyjohn broke two ribs. Ryan will be out until Louisville. I was present for the Little Rock event. Of all the venues I have been to, I liked this one the least. Fans were held outside later than usual and purses, etc. were searched. No, they were not worried about arms or explosives, but digital cameras and cam corders! You could take an ordinary camera in but no digital! Think of all the people who only use digital nowadays. Many fans were offended at the rude treatment they received, and many came from out of state. They also would not allow use of mini-tape recorders needed for interviews. I was allowed to take mine in when I showed my ID, but was asked not to use it. This was way overboard; and it was this arena's policy not the PBR's! People were disappointed on Friday night because PBR President Tuff Hedeman was not present. Even though he no longer rides he is the one the fans yearn to see at all venues. Also absent was Ty Murray and PBR CEO Randy Bernard. Due to weather problems Michael Gaffney arrived after the start of the program because he had been rerouted to Jackson, Tennessee and had to drive from there. And for the very first time ever-there was no barrelman. I have never been to an event without a barrelman. On Saturday night many were disappointed again. Due to a meeting the usual autograph signing was very late and many of the riders did not make it. Absent for the first time form the round the arena session was Hedeman who had been hurried off for an autograph session by the sponsors to The Electric Horseman where security guards were around him constantly. The feeling there was not comfortable. It was a good trip though. We got to talk with many of our favorites. Friday night we hung around the hotel lounge talking to Canada's Kelly Armstrong who won the first round. Kelly, 25, is another very friendly young gun. We also got to hear all about team roping from the Carrillo brothers; and a verbal description of Jewel's accident from Gilbert Carrillo. Jewel is a brave woman, attempting to ride a horse that had thrown Ty three times before she ever got on it! I also had a chance to talk with Rob Smetts, World Champion Bull Fighter. Dusty LaBeth rode CRIPPLE CREEK PROMISE and for 95.5 points to win the event in a thrilling manner on Saturday. This is Dusty's second win in a year. His was first last June in Nashville. It was there while interviewed by Pam Minick that Dusty gave credit to the Guru of Bull Riding, World Champion Gary Leffew. Unfortunately TNN edited that part out of the interview. It was impossible to hear Dusty's comments at all in Little Rock as TNN workers urged the crowd into applause which drowned out every word Dusty spoke. All in all, the Bull Riding was thrilling. Ednei Caminhas rode DILLINGER for 94 points. He is the only rider to cover this great bull multiple times, now having covered him three times. And DILLINGER has a Country Song written about him! yes, the great Herrington bull has been honored with a song titled "Ole DILLINGER", which will be on the second NLT Rodeo Riders album. Michael Gaffney is set to record this. On Friday it appeared that SWAMP RAT had a thing against Rob Smetts as he would alternatively go after Smetts and then go after the outrider. Claudeny Dos Santos sprained his right thumb while Myron Duarte had a bad dismount, landing on his head and straining neck. He further aggravated this on Saturday when he landed on his right shoulder and could not ride in the short go. Another scary moment was when Lee Akin was knocked out when he and the bull he rode knocked heads. The same thing happened to Gilbert Carrillo who already was under the weather with a flu like bug. Cory Rasch also scared us when he hung up in his bull rope and bruised his left arm and forearm. Dave Samsel was out with a sore wrist; and Chris Shivers did not take his re-ride due to a groin pull. He is out for an indefinite length of time. Paolo Crimber looked like a rag doll when he was bucked off in the second round and Gilbert Carrillo was bucked right out of his vest. Congratulations to Cody Ohl on his marriage. Get well wishes for Chris LeDoux, who, according to one of his band members was hospitalized a week ago. Monty Hawkee Henson is back on a rodeo tour but the World Champion Bron Rider is not riding. Monty is singing now with his own band. He just recorded "Nuevo Laredo" on NLT's first rodeo riders CD. Others on the board included such guests as Larry Mahan, Sherry Cervi, Rich Skelton and Speed Williams, Fred Whitfield, Janet Stover, Rope Myers and Dan Mortenson. At this writing we are still waiting for Tuff Hedeman to record his cut. Dan Mortenson, while in Guyman did an exceptional reading of "The Cowboy's Prayer" which will be released as a single. He then went on to win his event after NLT President Gordon Stinson wished him good luck. During a conversation with Tuff Hendeman in Little Rock about Dan's session Tuff said, "I would not have expected any less from Dan. I knew he would do an excellent job." Check out for news on this album; and visit Tuff at PBR fans, don't forget to join Team PBR at Next event: Louisville, Kentucky on June 14 and 15 followed by Bullnanza Nashville, Tennessee on June 28 and 29th. The Ron Gregory Performance Arena in Castellian Springs, Tennessee is nearly ready to open. Aside from his regular monthly horse sales, Ron and his partner Angela Von Misener will have Wild West Shows, Team Ropings, Bull Ridings and many other exciting events. The Grand Opening will be like a mini Pendleton Round-Up. There will be Native American Dancers, drums vendors, Buffalo Burgers and demonstrations on horseback. Also there will be stage coach re-enactments and period dress contests, and country music concerts. Teri Lann is set to perform there.

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