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Wild Horse Adoption A Success At Mississippi Horse Park by Justin Rhea Wild horses and burros from Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming made their way via semi truck and trailer to Starkville, Miss. on July 13 and 14 for the Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Adoption. This was the first time that the adoption event has ever been held at the Horse Park. The idea of "wild" horses has somewhat escaped the minds of the general public; only being seen in old western movies. However there are ample wild horses and burros roaming the plains in the Western regions of the United States and needing a good home. The adoption caught the attention of many visitors who eventually left the Horse Park with a new horse and/or burro. Marty Neugebauer of the BLM commented that they had average attendance for the event compared to others that have been held at other locations. "We had a really good turnout." Approximately 50 people made adoptions. Neugebauer explained that the adoptions are done by competitive bidding with a minimum starting bid of $125. The average bid at this event was $150. 85 total animals were brought to the facility. 48 horses and 29 burros were adopted. "The facilities were excellent," says Neugebauer, "we will hold another adoption there next July." If you are interested in adopting a wild horse or burro, please contact Marty Neugebauer at the Bureau of Land Management/ Wild Horse and Burro Adoption at 601-952-1510 or visit

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