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Horse Saved In Tenn. Now Doing Missions Work In Kentucky by Tom Burris The Kennedy Walking Horse Farm in Clarksville, Tenn. recently donated a Spotted Saddle Pony for use at a Mission in Eastern, Kentucky. Kevin Kennedy, was sitting in the First Baptist Church of Clarksville, when he heard missionary from Eastern Kentucky, named Lonnie Riley, tell about his equestrian mission program in Lynch, Kentucky. Riley and Kennedy got to discussing the economically depressed area, and Kennedy knew he had just the horse for Riley. In fact the horse was already named MISSIONARY BOY. MISSIONARY BOY was born in March of 2002, to BARBAROSA. Since Kevin and his wife were heading out that night, they decided to bring the horse and the colt closer to the house for easier observation, and placed them in the fenced in yard. During the evening, 10 year old daughter Katie went out to check on momma and baby. When she looked, all she could find was BARBAROSA, but no colt. She went to searching, but could not find the colt anywhere. She called for her 13 year old brother Kenneth, and they both went to searching. Then they noticed that the mare was by their in ground pool pawing at the concrete. Kenneth went to investigate, and sure enough, the little colt had fallen into the pool. Since it was early spring he had gotten underneath the cover. This also meant that the pool was fortunately not completely full. Katie went to call mom and dad, while Kenneth began to work the massive pool cover back. As soon as Kevin arrived, Kenneth jumped in the pool to help save the colt. "It was only knee deep, but it was freezing!" Kenneth pushed from below, and Kevin pulled from the top, and together they ended the poor colts nearly two hour entrapment. "Well it looks like this horse has been baptized from day one," exclaimed Kevin. Right there the family decided that his name should be MISSIONARY BOY. Months later while listening to Lonnie, it struck Kevin what the colts mission would be. "To think about kids who have so little, they can't even go get McDonald's. How would they be able to think about owning a horse," explained Kevin. MISSIONARY BOY would be donated to Riley's equestrian program in Lynch, Kentucky. It is a program that has grown one gift horse at a time. The program is focused on at risk students, and teaches them how to care for and ride horses. The equine ministry is manned by volunteer of all denominations. "The kids love it, and we are able to share God's love," Riley said.

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