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Powell Demonstration And Open Show April 5 In Corinth, Miss. "Teaching By Asking" is the method which noted Horse Whisperer Sam Powell will be brining to the Crossroads Arena in Corinth, Miss. on April 5th. This free demonstration is sponsored by the Alcorn County COOP and Purnia Mills. Powell's demonstration will run from 12p.m. to 5p.m. and will be followed by the Circle 4-H Open Horse Show at 6:30 p.m. Sam Powell is a former rodeo cowboy, Federal livestock inspector, and Oklahoma ranch manager who now resides in the Nashville, Tennessee area. He operates a full-scale equine consulting service and travels the world conducting teaching clinics to help people learn how to better communicate with their horses and each other. His method, known as Teaching by Asking, is becoming increasingly popular as people seek a more humane approach to working with horses. Sam has spent his entire lifetime studying and learning about horses as a culture of their own. As a boy, with his father, he spent countless hours observing horses in the wild in Arizona and Nevada, but it would be many years before he put what he had learned during his early years into practical application. Powell first learned to break horses using traditional methods, which resulted in more broken bones than he wants to remember. He saw a sad number of other cowboys - - and horses - - crippled and maimed in the process. Fifteen years ago he began to reassess what he knew about horses and to put the pieces together differently than he had before. Before he could reassess his approach to horses, Sam was forced to look at his own self image and how he related to those around him. The learning was profound, nearly inscrutable, close to mystical. He read books on psychology, spiritualism, mysticism, religion, psychocybernetics, and even acupuncture. Out of that, his knowledge about horses began to sort itself into a philosophy that applies just as well to people. The discovery of a kinder, gentler method of working with horses has yielded a kinder, gentler man as well. Powell's reputation for unorthodox, but effective handling of horses spread quickly. Ranchers, feedlot operators, equestrian schools, colleges, and individuals on three continents sought his counsel. He has traveled to Germany, Australia, and Hawaii to teach his method, which has also earned him the coveted title of a 'horse whisperer'.

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