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Riders Will Enjoy Yalobusha County Arena by Tom Burriss Yalobusha County, Mississippi is sporting a new multi-purpose facility that has particular appeal for the horse enthusiast. Located on highway 7 in Coffeeville, the Yalobusha County multi-purpose facility offers a 100x200 foot indoor arena with an addition 25x100 foot covered warm-up area. The facility is also wired with computer hook-up for timing and recording devices. The facility was opened in the Spring of 2002 and has had numerous weekends filled with a variety of events, including horse and livestock shows, extension seminars, reunions, receptions, and even target shooting practice. "This truly is a multi-purpose facility, it is more than just horses," says Steve Cummins, area extension agent. The YCMPF is home for the Coffeeville Saddle Club. It also hosts the Tri-Lakes Westerns Horse Show Association composed of saddle clubs from Coffeeville, Batesville, Oxford, Lee County, and Calhoun County. They have also held a winter series speed shows, rodeos, the "Horseless" Horse Camp, livestock judging practices, and an upcoming goat tying demonstration. In county residents can come and ride for free to practice with their horses when there are no events scheduled in the arena. Out of county riders can pay a small fee for the open ride time. The facility houses the Mississippi State area extension office, which coordinates and books the events held. In large part, however, the facilities are maintained and prepared by volunteers from the county. Cummins says that the facility is still undergoing improvements and additions. Future additions include stands for the 25 foot wide concrete pad that runs the length of the arena, a sound system and an elevated officials box. "We are completing our facility a step at a time now," remarks Cummins. To find out what events are going on at the YCMPF, check the Mid-South Horse Review Calendar. "Many of the events that are held," says Cummins, "are rebooked a year in advance." To get more information or to book your event, speak with Casey at the Yalobusha County Multi-Purpose Facility by calling 662-675-2730.

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