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Taskin To Be Breyer Model


By Pam Gamble
While putting together the Stallion issue, each person in the staff contacted numerous breeding barns.
When I contacted Villa Vanners from Shelbyville, TN, June Villa was happy to submit photos of her beautiful Gypsy Vanner stallions.
After talking about her breeding program, June proudly announced that her champagne buckskin sabino stallion, Taskin, had been named a 2012 limited edition Breyer horse!
June elaborated, “I have no idea how he was chosen.  I have never submitted anything to them, and it was a complete surprise to me.  They contacted me about six months ago and said that they had chosen him as a limited edition model for the Breyerfest British Invasion that will take place next July in Lexington, Ky.  He will perform in person each day of Breyerfest.”
2012 Breyerfest will be called British Invasion, featuring horses that originated in England. Other breeds honored are Dale Ponies, Hackneys, Cleveland Bays, Shires and even Drum Horses. Breyerfest will take place July 20-22 in Lexington, KY.
The Gypsy Vanner or Gypsy Cob was an unrecognized breed until the late 20th century. In 1996 the first registered horses were imported to The United States.  The sturdy cob sized breed is large enough for adults to ride but is often used for driving. The heavily feathered breed is winning over fans everywhere.
Villa Vanners is not crossing their Gypsy stallions with outside mares.  June feels that the breed is still too rare to start crossing yet, except for Drum crosses which is a recognized cross, usually with a Shire.

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