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WTPC Horse Show


The ever popular and fun West Tennessee Pony Club Hunter/ Jumper Show was held September 28-29, 2012 at the Germantown Charity Horse Show arena. This show is popular, not only because it is organized and well run, but also because it is so inviting to riders who do not normally compete at other horse shows; it gives them an opportunity to have a positive horse show experience. For regular hunter show participants, points were accumulated for year-end awards in the schooling show series hosted by MegFord Shows, Hunters Edge Stables, Oak View Stables, and Longreen Foxhounds. 

West Tennessee Pony Club alumnus Tara Krisle, a professional equestrian, was official course designer. This show is run almost entirely by volunteers, parents, and friends of West Tennessee Pony Club. This show is the organization’s main fund-raiser, helping pay for riding clinics, equine knowledge bowls, and their annual trek to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY to compete in the U.S. Pony Club Regional Rally. Many of the competitors were children and grandchildren of graduate Pony Club members.

This year’s show included entertainment: Banjo picking on Friday evening at the food pavilion by Eliza True. Show competitors could also submit in advance their favorite tunes to play on the PA system during the show.

There are some unique, fun classes at the Pony Club Show, which can challenge the rider’s skills and the horse’s training. The Ride-A-Buck class, a flat class, is ridden bareback with a dollar bill tucked between the rider’s calves and the horse’s sides. One by one the riders who are not able to keep the dollars in place are eliminated. As the class progresses, the difficulty of the requested movements increases - from simple walk to posting and sitting trot, to quick halts, to counter canter, and to canter departs from a standstill. The class ends in a “sudden death” finish, as the last horse and rider to keep their money in place win the class! They win the class purse and all the dropped dollars from the other competitors.

For those whose horses have a stable or pasture buddy, the hunter pairs and tandem hunter over fences classes are just the thing. The entries compete in teams of two and are not only judged on each fence and transition, as in other classes, but also on coordination and syncopation between the team members.

In the “Gamblers Choice” Jumper class, contestants can choose their own course line. Each jump is assigned a number value depending on degree of difficulty, and the rider chooses which ones to jump and in what order. The final optional jump called “the Joker” will result in subtracted points if it falls. The rider with the highest total points accumulated in the given time is the winner. 

U. S. Pony Club is an international organization that is open to youth riders up to the age of 25. West Tennessee Pony Club is involved in many horse-related activities, including horse care workshops, foxhunting, show jumping, dressage, eventing, vaulting, knowledge bowls, sleep-overs and swimming with horses, rating standards, regional rally competitions at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY and many other fun activities. To learn more about U.S. Pony Club visit For West Tennessee Pony Club, visit, or e-mail:

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