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Foxhunting Adventures: Chasing The Story, by Norman Fine


Book Review by Tommy Brannon

Norman Fine is the former editor and founder of Covertside magazine, a publication of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America, and is the present editor of the on line publication, Foxhunting Life. He is also editor of The Derrydale Press Foxhunters’ Library. Fine has written articles on foxhunting for The Chronicle of the Horse, and CLASSIC magazine in the USA, as well as Baily’s, Hounds magazine, and Hunting with Country Illustrated in England. He has hunted with more than fifty foxhound packs in the United States, Ireland, and England and lives on a horse farm in Millwood, Virginia.

This book is a collection of thirty-two foxhunting stories he has previously published, mainly in Covertside. Most of the stories are about a specific day of hunting as a guest with packs in North America and a few in Ireland and the UK. The vivid descriptions are in first person, and the reader really feels like he is there with the author!

Fine gives detailed and quite informative explanations and background about all of the personalities involved: human, canine and equine. Quite often he is riding an unfamiliar horse in unfamiliar territory following an unfamiliar pack with people he has just met.

The diversity of quarry is not left out either. Red Fox, Gray Fox, Coyote, Bobcat and even Boar hunts, with all of their excitement and adventure, are well described.

Geographically, he is literally all over the map! He writes of eastern hunts in the costal plains and mountains of the east, as well as high desert and prairieland of the west and Midwest.

For regulars to the sport, this is a must read! For those who rarely venture outside of their own hunt club’s territory, this book gives insight as to how others may enjoy a good day of sport on horseback. For those who ride but do not often hunt, it shows how much fun foxhunting can be!  

The book is published by The Derrydale Press and is available from the Foxhunting Life website. Read more about the book at:       

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