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Sandy Memorial Barrel Race


NBHA TN-05 AND TN-IBRA                                          
Second Annual Sandy Memorial Barrel Race
By Debbie Drewery
On September 15, 2012, NBHA TN-05 wrapped up its local show season with the Second Annual Sandy Memorial Barrel Race at the USA Arena in Millington, Tennessee.  Co-sanctioned with TN-IBRA and Circle Cross Rodeo, this event had a record turnout! We were blessed with beautiful weather and, thanks to Stan McCall, the arena was in fantastic shape for the barrel race.    

As most of our Barrel Racing Family knows, the Sandy Family has suffered several life altering set backs.  With the death of husband Bill Sandy, daughter Kelly Sandy and daughter Jeri’s diagnosis of a life threatening disease, Jeanie has had a rough couple of years, in addition to having to relinquish ownership of Bill’s and her long time home.  Jeanie has now moved in with daughter Jeri and her husband and has been blessed with a beautiful new grandchild. Jeanie’s grandchildren are the love of her life! Jeri’s illness is beginning to improve with the help of lots of prayers. These are the reasons for the Sandy Memorial Barrel Race.

The Silent Auction, Bake Sale and iPad Raffle were a huge success! On behalf of Jeanie Sandy and her family we thank everyone who participated and who helped make this event the best ever! We look forward to making the Third Annual Sandy Memorial Barrel Race even better.  Special thanks to Stan McCall with Circle Cross Rodeo for allowing us to use the USA Arena as home for this event.  Thanks to Van Beasley who announced at no charge and a big thanks to TN-05 Director Linda Rice for a great concession stand.

     Congratulations to the winners of the Second Annual Sandy Memorial Barrel Race. First place winners in each Class and Division were:              

Kiddie: 1D: Jenna Shelly; 2D: Gracie Sparkman;  3D: Haylie Rose          
Adult: 1D: Brooke Smith; 2D:  Sammy Crooke; 3D: Wayne McGroom
Youth: 1D: Emily McGroom; 2D: Daylee Barrom; 3D: Abigal Mautz
Open: 1D: Laurie Cooper; 2D: Clint Childress; 3D: Megan Wilks
Senior: 1D: Laurie Cooper; 2D: Michele Hopper; 3D: Wayne McGroom
Poles: 1D: Amie Wood; 2D: Steve Terry; 3D: Abigal Mautz

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