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Tell Me About That Horse: by Vaughn Wilson


Book Review by Leigh Ballard

Native Mississippian Vaughn Wilson is a horseman, an artist, a writer and a photographer. He is also an exceptional interviewer. He used all of these talents to write Tell Me About That Horse:  Stories from Exceptional People about Treasured Horses, a collection of interviews with famous horse people about memories of special horses that impacted their lives. The stories range from touching accounts of Chris Cox’s childhood memories of an ancient horse that took care of him as a toddler rider falling asleep on horseback, to the tale of confounding attempts by the top horseman and trainer Sam Powell to ride a horse that that didn’t want to be ridden, and the lesson he learned from an old man in bib overalls about how to do it.

The well known horse folks who share their relationships with a special horse include such notables as Collierville, TN native and Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame bullfighter and rodeo clown, Lecile Harris, and his “horse story” of Sweet Pea the little mule. Celebrity horsemen such as John Lyons and Clinton Anderson share the story of their exceptional celebrity horses, Zip and Mindy. Top competitors like Roy Cooper, Larry Mahan and Trevor Brazile talk about their best friends and perfect partners, and many years of championships won on the same horse. Other recollections from musician Charlie Daniels, cowboy poet Baxter Black, and equine photographer Don Shugart tell the stories of horses that made a difference in their lives.

The book is a tribute to many cherished horses who lived out their days on their owner’s farm or that still bring up regret for ever having been sold. Some were topnotch competitors, but some were simple good horses with no claim to fame. But they all made a difference to someone. As well as great stories and photography, the pages feature stunning art by Wilson who is one of the foremost portrait artists in the country. I recommend this heartwarming book as a wonderful gift to someone who appreciates a good and special relationship with a horse.

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