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Dreaming of Three: Living the Spirit of Giving


From Haylie Burch

Founded by Jackie Harris of Pennsylvania, Team Dreaming of Three (DO3) is a nationwide charity fundraising organization. Dreaming of Three is unique because donations come from the members’ winnings in barrel racing, horseshows, or just riding. It is a group of equestrians/rodeo contestants/ and non-riders who donate portions of their winnings in the arena, or pledge an amount per hour in the saddle, to equine-related charitable organizations.

Companies can donate portions of sales, and non riders can match other Team members’ donations. The donations go to the members’ non-profit organization of choice, such as American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and several animal rescue organizations. In just six months of DO3’s existence, team members have raised over $3700 in donations to the charities!

 DO3 also takes children who fighting cancer or heart disease to Rodeos for a fun-filled night out without worry, an event filled with gifts from team members and sponsors.

 On occasion DO3 has done fund raisers, such as the Colorado Wildfire Aid, wherein we raised over $1600 in T-shirt sales and sent over 600 bales of hay for the equine victims.  DO3 raised over $400 for the Oklahoma drought animal victims. DO3 has raised over $13,000 thus far from the silent auction and T-shirt sales for Northstar, the horse that was doused and set on fire in Pennsylvania.

Acquiring new members will only mean we will donate more to these charities. We are starting to acquire State Team Captains, whereas each State will have their own local animal shelter to donate to. The State Captain for Mississippi is Haylie Burch, and she has chosen Dark Horse Rescue as the local charity. The Tennessee State Captain is Mary Elzie, and she is in the process of choosing a charity.

Incentives for joining are: Team DO3 discounts, benefits, such as first dibs on clinics, free team jersey, a web page to highlight your profile and your own sponsor, and the all-around good feeling of turning our passion into giving back! For those who are interested in joining this worthwhile group, please email Haylie Burch of Barton, Mississippi at or Mary @

You can also find out more about Dreaming of Three and follow their activities on their Facebook page:

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