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Urban Challenge on Horseback


Shelby Farms Equestrian Alliance held its annual Trail Challenge at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, TN on a cold and windy November 24, 2012. This year’s trail challenge was titled The Urban Trail Challenge, not only because Shelby Farms Park in the city limits of Memphis, but because some of the obstacles simulated what horses might encounter in an urban setting. One obstacle was a trash pit full of plastic bottles and cans. Another was negotiating a maze of Wal-Mart white trash bags tied to poles and flapping in the wind. The extreme class required the horse to walk over a mattress lying on the ground. These Urban obstacles were not the most challenging obstacle though. A bridge leading to the water stopped 90% of the contestants!

There were 12 entrants in the Armature division, 11 in the Open division, and 3 in the Extreme division.
The judges were husband and wife Daniel and Dana Bishop. Daniel is a well-known farrier and horseman. Dana is a dressage trainer and owner of Blues City Warmbloods.  

Jane Eason riding Blue won the Sr. Amateur class.
Dianna Owens riding Shiloh won Amateur Tweener class. 
Josh Bishop on Hank won Jr. Amateur class.
Callie Stiles riding her Percheron Sampson won the Tadpole class.
Monica Lawson on Zoe Starlight won the Open and Extreme divisions.

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