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Fitch Farms-Galena Plantation Open All-Age & Open Derby


By Charles Eoff, Jr.

The annual Fitch Farms Galena Plantation Field Trial, a qualifier for the National Championship, started on December 10, 2012 at this premier quail hunting plantation near Holly springs, Mississippi and featured 15 braces.  The judges for the Open All-Age and Open Derby were Tim Hammons of Berea, Kentucky and J.D. Bumpus, Clarkesville, Tennessee.

The Open All-Age drew 30 dogs.The winner was L.J. Confidential, pointer male handled by Steve Hurdle for owners Bruce Hawkins and Mike Stephens. In the 11th brace L. J. impressed judges Tim Hammons and J.D Bumpus with six perfect finds and an equally exceptional ground effort.  His first find was at 3, with his bracemate reluctantly backing. He scored again with a divided find at 12. After a brief absence and search by scout and handler, he was found standing at 40. After the flush and shot, he hunted on, nailing 2 more finds at 45 and 55, with his bracemate backing again at 55. With 2 minutes left he took off far to the front, and was found on point at 7 minutes after pickup time - a dramatic finish to an exciting performance!  

Second place in the Open-All Age went to Quester, pointer male handled by Ray Warren for the Fornear family. Quester started strong with finds at 3 and 9.  He had an unproductive at 11, during which his bracemate failed to back. After another find at 20, he swung far to the left front when the course turned right, a move that gained him his next find at 28, thanks to his scout. Upon returning to the front, he had four more finds at 42 50, 54, and 57. He finished strong to the front, with the judges happy to ride on to watch the end of the show.

Third place in the Open All-Age was Touch's Knight Rider, pointer male handled by Ike Todd for owner Keith Wright. He ran a consistent, big forward race with finds at 7, 35, and 45, with another strong finish. The judges felt that all three of these performances were exceptional, all of them championship quality, but that the winner was chosen based on what they believed was the most outstanding all-age race.

The Open Derby drew eight dogs. The winner was Dunn's Greater Man, pointer male owned and handled by Will Dunn. Second was Misty Morn Covey Rise, pointer male owned and handled by Joey McAlexander. Third was Jazzland Hawk, pointer male handled by Stanley Downs for John Holland.

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