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Annual Harbor Town Drive, December 2


Pam Gamble

The Nashoba Carriage Association held their annual Harbor Town Christmas drive on Sunday, December 2. Weather was beautiful with mild temperatures.  Most people were in a long-sleeved shirt or a light jacket.  Horses and ponies were decked out in festive decorations of green and red for the season.  And who can resist the opportunity to put antlers and a Santa hat on their pony?

This year’s drive was a two-part excursion for local driving enthusiasts.  The first part consisted of an afternoon drive through the waterfront neighborhood, followed by a sumptuous tailgate style lunch. Curious residents waved as they heard the hoof beats on their road that afternoon.

Most of the members stayed for the second part of the drive later that evening, the Harbor Town Parade. Horses were featured in the parade as the Memphis Mounted Patrol led the parade on their all-Tennessee Walking Horse mounts that are stabled at a nearby barn.  Spectators “oohed” as they passed by.  Everybody likes a man (and a horse) in uniform!

The Nashoba Carriages followed the police horses.  They were joined by veteran commercial carriage horse Sammy, driven by Chrissy Saylor.  Chrissy, also a member of Nashoba, brought her larger vis-à-vis carriage to provide extra seating for people who might not want to trailer their horses and carriages to downtown Memphis, but still wanted to participate.

The “anything goes” style parade included everything from decorated bicycles, scooters, and cars to walking people with their dogs. There was a float decorated by the local Humane Society and the event raised funds for the organization. 

For more information about Nashoba carriage driving events, please visit:
(Photos by Brooke Ballenger):
IMG_0452: Reita Parham driving her Gypsy Vanner mare Downy leads the way through Harbor Town, north of downtown Memphis, TN, followed by Anne Snowden driving her Haflinger, accompanied by Walter Foster and Alexander Snowden.
IMG_0431: haflingers Max and Jan in their Santa hats.
IMG_0596: Peace on Earth.
IMG_0658: Bob Martin with two Friesians, Medici and Tango.

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