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Pony Club Dressage Rally


By Prairie Night Sky

The West TN Pony Club competed at Percy Warner Park in Nashville, TN on April 6, 2013 in the United States Pony Club Mid-South Regional one-day Dressage Rally. The Dressage rally takes place in a beautiful park, is fun and friendly, and many families come out to enjoy the day. Two years ago, the annual Mid-South Region Dressage Rally was moved from Lexington, KY to Nashville, TN and since then, the rally has become even more popular than. This year there were 121 rides and 9 musical freestyles.

During the rally, teams composed of three or four riders, of various riding abilities, and one stable manager compete. The Dressage Rally is different from other Pony Club rallies in that they do not compete according to ratings or age; the teams are combined of various levels of ratings and ages. The level of test they ride is whatever level at which they or their horse is able to compete. Unique to Pony Club, teams are not allowed any outside assistance from parents or friends during the rally, although there are always trained adult supervisors on hand to step in with assistance and to ensure safety. This important part of Pony Club rallies, integral to the the education and training of members, helps pony clubbers to become self-reliant, confident, and capable horsemen & horsewomen.

The rally day starts early, as the sun is rising, with jog outs to make sure all the horses competing are sound. During the competition, team members are scored on two dressage tests and daily horse management. The individual scores are then added together for a team score. In addition to the required dressage tests, riders may also compete in optional musical freestyle rides.

The West TN Pony Club team of Ethan Read, Sarah Beth Slaughter, Sarah Bratton, and Grace Read, brought home a first place blue ribbon for their well executed quadrille to Star Wars theme music. In addition this team including their stable manager Olivia Lawhorn, won second place overall and placed third in horse management. The second WTPC team of Alana Vogel, Ani Blair, Andrea Rowan, and stable manager Gracey Gallagher, placed fifth overall and in horse management.

To learn more about Pony Club and how to become involved, contact Pony Club District Commissioner, Vonna Read, 901-861-7604,

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