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Kim Gentry Dressage


Kim Gentry’s horse Golden Eye made his Grand Prix come back at the Dressage Across The Lake show, A USEF Level 2 Competition, March 23-24, 2013 at Serenity Farms, Folsom, LA.  He won both the Grand Prix on Saturday and the FEI Test of Choice on Sunday, which included both Grand Prix and lower level FEI tests.

Golden Eye competed at Grand Prix successfully in 2011 and finished ranked 42nd in the US. “In 2012, I made the decision not to show him, but instead take him to as many shows as possible to help build his confidence and give me the time to work to improve his connection,” Gentry said. “He needed to be more reliable and rideable in the arena. It was tough to sit out last year at Grand Prix, but I thought that it was the right thing to do for Golden Eye. I took him everywhere, including the Young Horse Championships and Devon to expose him to as much as possible. Now I am able to work on improving and producing quality in each movement in the Grand Prix test, versus two years ago when I was happy just to be able to produce the individual movements in the test.

“I couldn’t be happier with our rides in Lousiana! I rode the test on Saturday extremely conservatively to the point that I only asked for the basic movements in the test and only a couple of steps of piaffe which, of course, really affected our score, but my goal was to build his confidence in the arena. It was more of a schooling ride for him.

“On Sunday I still rode conservatively, but towards the end of the test, I asked for more in the piaffe and passage, to which Golden Eye responded really well! He was such a good boy and really settled into the rhythm of the test. It was obvious that last year paid off. He had so much confidence and rideability in the arena and he was petty proud of himself at the end of the test!”

Gentry also rode her horse Leonardo in the show. Leonardo was first in the Young Horse Test: FEI YH Final for 6-Year-Olds Open, scoring 72.800%, and first in the Young Horse Test of Choice: FEI YH Final for 6-Year-Olds Open, scoring 74.600%.

The next Dressage Across The Lake (DAIL) shows will be May 18-19, 2013. Judges will be:   Ulrich Scmidt "S" and Dorie Vlatten-Schmidt "S." More information about DAIL shows can be found at

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