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West TN Pony Clubbers Up-Rate


By Prairie Night Sky

Several members of the West TN Pony Club (WTPC) successfully passed their ratings tests in May, held at a private barn in Collierville, TN. Isabella Siegrist, and Sarah Foster earned their D1 ratings. Grace Read, Sarah Bratton, Ethan Read, and Sarah Beth Slaughter passed to D3 in Horse Management. Alana Vogel earned her C1 rating in Horse Management. Laura Cholera and Ani Blair were the examiners. Isabella rode a Welch-cross named Sandy and Sarah Foster rode her Haflinger, Major. Major is one of the Foster's carriage horses and he's only been used mounted for the last nine months. Congratulations to these West Tennessee Pony Club members on achieving new certifications during the month of May, 2013.  

WTPC is a chapter of the national organization, United States Pony Club (USPC). The USPC has standards of proficiency and a rigorous examination process. Examiners certify the knowledge, skills and abilities of USPC members seeking to achieve a certification. Standards can be achieved starting at the D level and proceed up to the highest national level testing of A. Within each standard at the D and C levels, there are sub-levels, starting with 1, then 2 and ending with 3. With-in these levels members may choose to test all sections at once or test specific sections of Horse Management (HM), Flat (FL) and Over Fences (OF).

Allowing members to test specific sections is new to Pony Club and it has been very successful. It allows members to progress with their valuable horse management knowledge even though they may need more time to get a mount or themselves ready for the next level of riding.  

Pony Club is one of the leading junior equestrian organizations in the world, represented throughout 30 countries. The mission of USPC is to provide a program for youth that teaches riding, mounted sports, and the care of horses, thereby developing responsibility, moral judgment, leadership, and self-confidence.

The West Tennessee Pony Club provides opportunities to learn and compete for children and young adults up to 25 years of age. To learn more, contact District Commissioner Vonna Read at 901-861-7604 or

Photo cutline: (left to right) Isabella Siegrist - D1 on Sandy, Grace Read - D3/HM, Laura Cholera (examiner), Sarah Beth Slaughter - D3/HM , Ani Blair (examiner), Sarah Foster - D1 on Major, Sarah Bratton - D3/HM.

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