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Nashoba Hosts Mud Bowl


Photos by Pam Gamble

Nashoba Carriage Association hosted a Driving Clinic and Pleasure Show with Sherri Lower, as driving coach and then as show judge, on May 10-12.  Members considered this a great opportunity to prepare for driving in ring classes, and enjoying some fun cones courses. It was a great warm-up for the Germantown Charity Horse Show, which will feature several driving classes.

The clinic was all day Friday, then on Friday evening, members had dinner with Sherri Lower at the Guadalajara Grill in Olive Branch, preceded by appetizers on the porch at “Kimberlin Cafe.” On Saturday, they could show off what they had learned at the horse show. Members could show in all classes or take their pick for one flat fee – only $50 for the entire day. The show included some fun cones courses, and the attire was formal, but dress appropriately for the weather, shall we say.

May 10-12 was another of those rainy spring weekends the mid-south has been experiencing for several months, dumping several inches of rain in the area. Thus the Sherri Lower Pleasure Show was nicknamed “Mud Bowl.”
“The rain was coming down so hard during my lesson in Ann K's indoor that I couldn't hear Sheri, [who was] sitting in the carriage with me. Then in a second the sun came out. Then just as I got unhooked and loaded, it poured again. Geez, could we please have a break for tomorrow (looking skyward)!” Wanda Chancellor commented.

Brooke Ballenger had this to say:  “Today's driving conditions remind us of the original purpose of driving aprons.  Splatter, splatter! Therefore, we dressed to look nice for the show, but not in all of our glory and splendor. We came prepared for the back splash and most of all to have loads of fun! Double Jeopardy provided some challenges and certainly some great stories afterward!” Members learned about one-handed driving, too.

Regardless of the weather, members had a delightful time – maybe “Singing in the Rain?” Or, “Get A Little Mud on the Tires.”

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